The CAMERA OBSCURA Trailer Questions Sanity Frame by Frame

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I’m always looking forward to films that shake up the genre, things that resonate, things like Camera Obscura. The Aaron B. Koontz directed joint is exactly what my cup of tea is always in search of. While the film that could be strictly classified as a horror/thriller, it looks to be one of those that sorta transcends by playing with paranoia and sound sanity.

The story follows Jack, a war vet returning from Afghanistan and dealing with severe PTSD. In order to sidetrack himself, he gets back into professional photography. When his lady buys him a vintage camera, he finds that it comes with its own unique bag of terrors. This here camera allows Jack to see things that haven’t happened yet, leading him to question if the camera is of the supernatural variety or if maybe these are hallucinations caused by PTSD.

The film has quite the cast with Christopher Denham (Billions,Argo), Nadja Bobyleva (Bridge of Spies) and genre faves Noah Segan (Tales of Halloween, Looper) and Chase Williamson (Tales of Halloween, John Dies at the End).

Keep an eye out for this one when Chiller Films releases it in theaters on June 9 and on VOD June 13.







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