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‘Calls’: The Sound of Horror

by Piper St. James

Writer and director Fede Alvarez (Evil Dead 2013, Don’t Breathe 2016) has revolutionized the horror genre once again with his new series Calls on AppleTV+. The newly released series consists of 9 intertwining episodes, none of which are over 20 minutes long.

‘Calls’ creator Fede Alvarez

These episodes feature flawed and heart wrenching characters, creating a world of chaos and dismay. Some of the celebrities who have offered their voices to the brave new venture include; Jennifer Tilly (Bride of Chucky 1998), Pedro Pascal (The Mandalorian 2019), Stephen Lang (Don’t Breathe 2016), Judy Greer (Halloween 2018), and even a cameo by the show creator himself.

It’s a new era where COVID-19 has removed our ability to watch movies with other fans in darkened theaters. Directors and writers have to face the unexpected challenge of becoming more creative in their art. New mediums and outlets have to be explored, and Alvarez has done just that.

Alvarez has taken a fresh new approach, which when you think about it is not new at all. The show creator has returned to how we first used to enjoy stories; by word of mouth.  To drive this point home, all he displays on the screen are sound waves of the characters speaking.

Before television, before movie theaters, even before the radio we were told stories and kept them alive by reciting them to others around campfires, or to children at bedtime. Eventually this morphed into radio dramas. Perhaps the most well known radio drama being Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds first broadcasted in 1938.

The release of this radio drama was taken literally by many listeners, ensuing panic by the frightened public. The story telling coupled with outstanding performances and a solid storyline made for a captive and believing audience. This all blended beautifully to create a story of the mind.

Our imaginations conjure images that are much more frightening than any special effect can generate.

Calls brings this magic back to the forefront of the entertainment world.  Alvarez delivers the message many of us forgot a long time ago; all you need is a good story, dedicated actors, and a method of delivery to captivate and please an audience.  No big budgets, no flashy special effects, just a story.

While COVID-19 has taken away many forms of entertainment we once used to enjoy, it has also reminded us where the source of horror really comes from to an audience hungry for entertainment. Calls will certainly satisfy your thirst for something new from the genre.

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Listen to the trailer for Calls and let us know what you think!  Available now on AppleTV+


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