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‘Call of Duty: The Haunting of Verdansk’ Goes Full Halloween With Leatherface Skin and More

by Trey Hilburn III

As we reported a couple of days back, an Operator skin for both Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Billy the Puppet from Saw are coming to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Now we know the full details of the upcoming Halloween event aptly titled, The Haunting of Verdansk.

Of course we will still be receiving the skins we mentioned previously each at 2400 GP. Added to that – there will be a host of further operator skins and even a survive the night in Verdansk mode where you have to survive a reign of terror from the undead.

The official synopsis of The Haunting of Verdansk goes like this:

“This Halloween-themed event will feature the “Trick or Treat” reward system, which contains frights or frighteningly good blueprints and personalization items. Come prepared for infiltrations at day or night, as select modes feature a nighttime variant of Verdansk that includes more than a few Halloween-themed frights. Rather spend the night fighting both the living and the dead? Then prepare for Zombie Royale, an undead twist on Battle Royale where dead Operators use unnatural powers to feast on the living in order to rejoin their ranks!”


They are going all out on these two DLC skins too. Each comes with some really deep cut content. Leatherface for example comes with a couple of bloodstained guns and a sledgehammer for a melee weapon. But, it also includes a chainsaw charm and a really cool calling card that features a peek at the famous sliding door slaughter room.

Billy the Puppet is coming with his own set of goodies as well. Some really cool weapons with his famous spiral on them. A tricycle as a charm and some cool looking spiral cut sprays.

Each operator will as well as the Haunting of Verdansk event begins October 20 and runs until November 3.

For a better look at Leatherface and Billy the Puppet skins and their features head over here.

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