Friday the 13th: #WaltGorneyWednesday

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You know who never gets his due for the greatness of Friday the 13th? The scene-stealing Walt Gorney. What’s say we remedy that and get him trending today? Pitch in and there may be some Camp Crystal lake memorabilia in it for you. Read on…

Gorney 3

I mean, how awesome was Crazy Ralph? And what’s more, how crazy was he, really? Much like Dr. Loomis, he was the only cat who knew what time it was. And speaking of time, it’s about time Gorney got some love. For that, I need your help. And if you do, you could win a KANE HODDER SIGNED COPY OF FRIDAY THE 13TH: PART VII — THE NEW BLOOD. More on that momentarily.

For now, a few reasons as to why Walt Gorney deserves recognition:

  • Little know fact: Crazy Ralph’s last name was Blues. We’re not allowed to forget he was a messenger of God.
  • A watchful protector of pantries.
  • That Miss Gulch model bike he rolled around on may have lacked Muffin riding shotgun, but it did serve as the inspiration for Pee Wee’s Big Adventure because Paul Ruebens recognized that Gorney was a loner. A rebel.
  • He told the others. They didn’t believe him. Don’t be that guy (or girl).

In a word, Walt Gorney is, was and ever shall be — awesome.

Gorney 5

Let’s get back to the prize for this little Gauntlet of Gorney. LIKE and SHARE this post on Facebook or  RETWEET on Twitter with the hashtag #WaltGorneyWednesday (follow the link below) to be entered into the drawing for that copy of Friday the 13th: Part VII — The New Blood complete with Kane Hodder’s Herbie Hancock on the case. I picked this up after interviewing the Jason Voorhees last October, and you can have it sent right to your doorstep., but you’ve got to act now because this is a one-day event — the winner will be drawn on Thursday morning.

Hodder DVD

Oh, and when you check back to see if you took it down tomorrow, stick around for my interview with the man who portrayed Tommy Jarvis in Jason Lives, Thom Mathews.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get #WaltGorneyWednesday trending!

If you don’t, you’re doomed. You’re all doomed!



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