C is for Cthulhu: Learn ABCs with the Old Ones

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There comes a time in a persons life when they must learn their ABC’s. Singing a little diddy helps most folks with this, others need a little more of an otherworldly push. Thankfully Jason Ciaramella & Greg Murphy have created the perfect ABC’s book for H.P. Lovecraft fans and right now you can download it for FREE! Each page is filled with cute and colorful renditions of some of the most infamous characters and place from Lovecraft and Cthulhu mythos.




The book received its funding and support through kickstarter where they originally needed $8,000 as a goal to reach. They surpassed that to raise for $35,000 and where even able to donate a slew of copies to local libraries across the nation. The project was such a success that they are currently sold out of copies on both Amazon and the Comix Tribe Online Store. So why are we telling you about a product that is sold out?


“BAAAAAAAAAA!” roufly translates to “I’ll swallow your souls!” Or “I like grass.” I always get those confused.

Because of the wild popularity of the books the creators are hard at work on a batch of reprints that will be available this summer as well as a new secret project that they will announce on their Kickstarter Page as well as their Facebook page. That is for the hard copy. If you still need something to redo your kids (or yourself) to help you fall asleep or learn your ABCs, then you can download C is For Cthulhu here! Within minute I received an email with a PDF file that was easy to download on to my phone and computer. C is For Cthulhu is a great book for any fan of Lovecraft, Cthulhu, horror, or cute illustrations. Its great that the creators are giving out the free downloads for those who can’t afford or missed out on its initial run. I highly suggest grabbing a copy when they become available though. I mean, look at these cuties.

How can you deny this face

How can you deny this face


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