Burger King Teases Spooky ‘Ghost Whopper’

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This year has been a particularly great year for Halloween themed junk food and drink. I don’t remember a year being so loaded with these sorts of items since, I was a kid. Looks like Burger King is keeping that haunted-treats train rolling with their latest announcement of a ‘Ghost Whopper’.

Dinosaur Dracula teased a leak from Germany earlier in the week that revealed new white (possibly cheddar) buns. The post also revealed a wrapper for the burger that clearly reveals the name of the awesome new seasonal treat.


Well, looks like Dino Dracula was right! Today Burger King’s Twitter posted a tease that simply says, ‘Don’t blink… it’s coming.’ In the attached GIF we get a look at a candle lit table with a very Illuminati inspired logo charbroiled into the wood. They were right, ‘don’t blink,’ cause the GIF also has a flash of what looks to be the ‘Ghost Whopper.’

The flash of the white cheddar bun clearly reflects what Dino Drac had teased earlier in the week. The best news is that it looks like North America will be seeing this spooky burger at its Burger Kings very soon.

Burger King has a history of Halloween Whoppers, ‘The Nightmare Whopper’ for instance came with green buns and promised to give you nightmares after ingesting. Goes without saying that I can’t wait to try this ‘Ghost Whopper’.

What do you guys think? Did you try the Nightmare Burger? Are you looking forward to the Ghost Whopper? Let us know in the comments section.

Whopper Whopper

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