Burger King Russia Wants ‘IT’ Banned For Advertising Clown Competition

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The new Stephen King’s ‘IT’ adaptation has continued to ravage the box office and become a global phenomenon. Of course, it was only a matter of time before the the horror hit drew some controversy, but under these circumstances, in a rather unexpected way. According to the BBC, Burger King’s Russia office is attempting to ban ‘IT’ in the country. Accusing the film of advertising for McDonalds. Positing that Pennywise is a stand-in for McDonald’s own fast food mascot, and brightly haired clown, Ronald McDonald. Let that sink in.

Of course, looking past the obvious like the fact that Pennywise is a monstrous, shapeshifting child eater, rather than a burger and fries provider, it’s a bit of a hard sell. Still, Burger King Russia has made its complaint serious enough to bring it to to the nation’s Federal Anti-Monopoly Service or FAS. And though the organization has said it’ll look into the complaint, not many are taking the threat of a ban all too seriously. An FAS Spokesperson saying:

“We can’t be concerned with the content of the film because the writer and director have their own creative understanding of any character,”

Still, it seems that Pennywise has taken a form that has terrified McDonald’s rivals: mass advertising!