Killer Fashion: Profiting from Pain

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Columbine.  We don’t need to say ‘The Columbine high school shootings’ or ‘The Columbine massacre’ to understand what we mean by just a single world.   Columbine.  An event that still resonates with today’s world as fresh as it did 20 years ago.

Now the school shooting, as well as three others, have been immortalized in Bstroy’s 2020 spring fashion collection.

The four hoodies each sport the name of a school where real life shootings have occurred as well as devastated the communities around them; Columbine, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook, and Stoneman Douglas.  When combined, these four school shootings took nearly 100 lives by their shooters.

If these sweatshirts were not insulting enough, the designer added bullet holes riddling each garment.  A pure sickening and tasteless idea that somehow made it to their spring fashion collection.

The Internet had no interest in hiding their disgust at the dystopian clothing line’s release.  Viewers, including many of the survivors and their families of the massacres, voiced their outrage through social media.  Words such as “revolting,” “disgusting,” and “callous” were used to describe the clothing.

Kyle Kashuv, a teenage survivor from the Stoneman Douglas shooting wrote, “I would just like to say, what actual the hell is wrong with you.  Goddamn monetizing off a school shooting.”

Bstory’s founders Brick Owens and Dieter “Du” Grams, have not issued an apology for their revolting fashion.  However, Brick Owens did upload a picture of a card explaining the bizarre inspiration behind the line of clothing.

“Sometimes life can be painfully ironic.  Like the irony of dying violently in a place you considered to be a safe, controlled environment, like school.  We are reminded all the time of life’s fragility, shortness, and unpredictability yet we are also reminded of its infinite potential.  It is this push and pull that creates the circular motion that is the cycle of life.  Nirvana is the goal we hope to reach through meditation and healthy practices that counter our destructive habits.  Samsara is the cycle we must transcend to reach Nirvana.”

So… make of that what you will.

As of the time this article has been published, each of the four hoodies pictured above are still on Brick Owen’s Instagram.  Columbine, Sandy Hook, and Stoneman Douglas are still on Bstory’s Instagram.

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