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Bryan Fuller Talks ‘Hannibal’ Season 3; New Characters and Plot Details!

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Back in May, Hannibal creator Bryan Fuller spilled some beans about the show’s upcoming third season, revealing that Will Graham is very much still alive, and teasing that the season will be far different from the previous two. Be sure to give that iHorror archive post a read, if you missed it.

At the San Diego Comic Con this past weekend, Fuller opened up even further about Hannibal Season 3, providing us with a whole lot more insight into May’s suggestion that we’re in store for a whole different experience.

Per Variety, Fuller confirmed at the event that Dr. Chilton is still alive, despite being shot in the face last season. He said that Chilton will be a major player throughout the season, which is not all that surprising given how much of a prominent role the character played in the books the show is based on.

Fuller also noted that Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier will be returning, along with deceased characters Abel Gideon and Abigail Hobbs – popping up in flashbacks. Several new characters that are surely familiar to those who have read the books will also be joining the fold.

In Season 3, we can expect to see the series debuts of Commander Apache, Lady Muraski, Dr. Cordell Doemling and even Francis Dolarhyde (above). Dolarhyde, set to make his presence known in Episode 8, was the main antagonist in both Manhunter and Red Dragon, and should bring a very interesting element to the show. He has previously been played by Tom Noonan and Ralph Fiennes.

One character who will not be appearing in Season 3 is Clarice Starling, though Fuller says he has every intention of eventually making her a part of the show.

Season 3 will primarily take place one year after the events of the second season’s final bloodbath, with one episode highlighting what happened in that span of time between the seasons. The pursuit of Hannibal is going to be the main focus of the bulk of the season, changing up the show’s expected ‘killer of the week’ formula.

Fuller promises that both Hannibal and Will Graham will be compelling characters in their own right, despite the fact that they won’t be directly interacting throughout much of the season. It seems both characters will have their own stories, which will eventually converge together.

Look for the third season of Hannibal to premiere on NBC sometime next year.

Can you wait? Because I sure as hell can’t!

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