Bryan Fuller Hasn’t Given Up on ‘Hannibal’ Returning for Season 4

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It’s been four long years since Hannibal was canceled by NBC after three seasons, and I don’t know about you, but I still miss it. Hannibal was truly unlike every other show on TV, and arguably unlike any other show to ever exist before or since as well.

Using the book Red Dragon by Thomas Harris as a jumping off point, Hannibal ended up becoming much more than a mere prequel to or retread of the prior films starring the cannibalistic killer. Hannibal told its own complex, endlessly provocative tale.

Over the last few years, Hannibal creator Bryan Fuller has teased that the show would eventually come back for a fourth season. This looks less and less likely as time goes on, but recently, Fuller made it clear via a Twitter reply that he hasn’t given up.

So there it is, folks. It would appear that Fuller, his cast, and his producers are all ready and waiting to make a Hannibal season 4. The only roadblock, and sadly it’s a big one, is finding a TV network or streaming outlet that wants to join the project.

Personally, I think Hannibal season 4 will eventually happen. Fuller and the cast seem very committed to the idea. The real question is whether it’ll happen soon enough that the cast won’t have visibly aged much, and they can directly continue the old story.

Hannibal and Will Graham

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