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Bryan Cranston Reenacts ‘The Shining’ in Mountain Dew Ad

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Breaking Bad’s Mr. White (Bryan Cranston) has a brand new bag and it appears to be in Mtn Dew. The latest ad for Mtn Dew Zero brings with it a bunch of familiar scenes from the Kubrick classic, The Shining.

Bryan Cranston does such a good Jack Torrance in the ad, that it has us kind of wanting to see him take on the role of ole’ Jack in full length.

In the ad, Cranston is seen chasing Wendy Torrence up stairs and recreating the infamous axe to the door scene. But, instead of pursuing Wendy any further to say, murder her, he instead hands her a cold zero calorie Mtn Dew Zero.

The whole thing is pretty great, kudos to Mtn Dew on this one. Oh and the last shot of the commercial is our absolute favorite part so make sure to stick around for that.

What do you guys think about Bryan Cranston in the role of Jack Torrance? Let us know in the comments section.

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