Bruce Campbell Will Be Going On A Book Signing Tour This Year

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Have you ever wanted to meet Bruce Campbell in person?  Well now may be your chance as the horror legend himself will be going on a book signing tour this year, hitting major cities all across The United States.  You can find the dates and locations here, be sure to mark the date. Hail to the king baby!

Bruce Campbell is well known in the horror community, prominently for his work in The Evil Dead series of films as the fan loved character Ashley (Ash) Williams.  The S-Mart employee with a bad streak and is exceptionally skilled at killing deadites.  He even went on to reprise his role as Ash in the TV adaption Ash VS. The Evil Dead.

While the TV series may be a hit among fans of the original Evil Dead films, Bruce’s talent stretches farther than just acting.  He is also a successful author and has published several books such as Make Love! *The Bruce Campbell Way.  Being both a novel and a autobiography it is definitely a strange read, but something that Bruce Campbell is more than capable of pulling off.

Another successful book by Campbell being If Chins Could Kill: Confessions Of A B-Movie Actor catalogs Campbell’s life story and his rise to fame as a pop culture icon straight out of the 80’s and 90’s.  Bruce Campbell’s books all have his own unique style, which is to be expected to carry over to his new book Hail to the Chin.

Bruce Campbell is the living embodiment of 80’s camp as any fan of his work will know.  The man has embraced 80’s cheese and brings his A-game to every project he works on.  With the upcoming book signing tour in celebration of his newest book Hail to the Chin: Further Confessions of a B-Movie Actor this is an event that is truly a once in a life time experience.

Be sure to check the dates and locations so that you can have a chance to meet Bruce Campbell in person, just be prepared in case any rogue deadites decide to crash the party.

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