Bruce Campbell Wants To Play Superman

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DC and Warner Bros. have recently come out and stated that they aren’t sure what to do with the Superman property. They are having a tough time making the Kryptonian relevant in today’s age. Meanwhile Twitter user ‘Johnny Seawalker‘ has pitched a great idea that thinks outside the box and gives horror fans something to dream about.

Seawalker took to Twitter and posted some side-by-side pics of Kingdom Come Superman and Bruce Campbell and I gotta say, the likeness is pretty spot on. In fact, it’s so on the money that Bruce Campbell himself responded with a photo of himself in a gray beard simply stating, “I’m ready for geezer Superman.”

Kingdom Come was a Supes arch written by Alex Ross and Mark Waid in 96′. The comic followed a rather darker alternate timeline for the Man of Steel that involved Lois Lanes death.

Campbell’s Ash Williams from Evil Dead is a superhero in his own right. A bit of a bumbling one, but a superhero none the less. Added to that, Campbell has also already shown his chin in the world of superheroes in Sam Rami’s Spider-Man and a memorable one it was.

The likeness is really something. I would love to see this happen, and Campbell is obviously completely onboard. But, with DC so unsure about what to do with Supes, this option might be highly unlikely… but at the same time, we sure can wish and toss coins into the make a wish fountain that Twitter has become and hope for the best… in this case the best being, Bruce as Supes.



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