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Bruce Campbell to Star in the ‘Evil Dead’ TV Series

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Army of Darkness - Ash Boomstick

Just two short days ago, iHorror brought you a bombshell announcement straight out of Comic-Con: Sam Raimi, Ivan Raimi, and Bruce Campbell are jointly developing an Evil Dead TV series. At the time of Sam’s initial proclamation, details were incredibly sketchy, and we still don’t know just what the show will be about or when it will be set. That said, one amazing new fact was indeed revealed today, and it’s sure to please Deadite lovers around the world. If an Evil Dead series does make it to the airwaves, Bruce Campbell will not only produce, he’ll also star. That’s right guys, Ash lives!

The news was (rather casually) revealed today, not at Comic-Con, but on Bruce Campbell’s official Twitter account. A fan tweeted that he would only be willing to watch an Evil Dead TV series if it starred Campbell. To the shock of many, Campbell himself replied to the tweet, letting everyone know that he will indeed have a prominent onscreen role in the proceedings. The full text of the exchange can be read below.

Considering the fact that Evil Dead 4 and/or Army of Darkness 2 have been perpetually residing in development hell for decades, it would not all be an understatement to call Campbell’s decree surprising. Every time a new rumor concerning the continuation of the Evil Dead franchise has emerged in recent years, Bruce has usually been the first in line to denounce it as trumped up B.S. With Campbell now 56 years old, it really did seem like Ash Williams was lost forever, at least in his original incarnation. Obviously, we here at iHorror can’t wait to see Ash gas up his chainsaw and kick some demonic ass yet again. Stay tuned for any further developments.

Evil Dead - Ash Chainsaw

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