Bruce Campbell Says Ash is Done After ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’

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Hail to the king…while you still can. We reported earlier this month Bruce Campbell made a comment to EW that there would still be the possibility for another Evil Dead film if Ash vs Evil Dead gets canceled. Unfortunately, if that does happen, it seems Campbell may not be in it. He has since expanded on that comment, saying Ash will likely be laying down his boomstick and chainsaw if the show is canceled.

Bloody Disgusting reported Campbell took the stage at the Irish Film Institute this past Thursday for their “Evening With Bruce Campbell” event, and gave the following statement:

If they cancel it, I think Ash is done,” Campbell told the clearly disappointed crowd. He then added, “I have lavender on my property. I’m going to smoke weed and hang out.”

Well, since Ash vs Evil Dead began with Ash accidentally summoning Deadites after smoking the reefer, I suppose it would be only fitting that’s also how it would end.

There are still some options for the Evil Dead franchise if Campbell decides to walk away from his Ash character for good when AvED ends. Fede Álvarez’s 2013 Evil Dead remake had mostly favorable reactions from fans. While there has been no official word of a sequel anytime soon, Álvarez expressed interest back in 2016 about making it happen.

But, alas, Ash vs Evil Dead hasn’t been canceled just yet! The show still needs support from fans to keep it going, which means watching and sharing it with friends. The first two seasons are currently available to stream on Netflix. If you want to watch the third season, pay for it instead of pirating it to show your support.

Have you watched AvED yet? Would you still like to see more Evil Dead films if Campbell calls it quits? Be sure to check out the show if you haven’t yet, and stay groovy.

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