Bruce Campbell is a great man. We all know this, and if you disagree, you’re wrong. Sorry, the facts are what they are. Anyway, Campbell has had a long career, but he’ll obviously always be best known for playing Ash in the Evil Dead franchise.

Over the course of nearly four decades, Bruce Campbell has played Ash four times. He was the “final guy” in the original Evil Dead, graduated to reluctant badass in Evil Dead 2, and became a full-on ass-kicking machine in Army of Darkness.

After a two decade spell of dormancy, Campbell’s Ash would return for the Starz TV series Ash vs Evil Dead. A favorite of both fans and critics, Ash vs Evil Dead ran for three fun-filled seasons, before sadly being canceled not too long ago.

Shortly after the axe was dropped on Ash vs Evil Dead, Campbell decided to publicly announce that he had hereby retired from the Ash role. While that’s sad, the man is 59-years-old, so it’s not hard to understand his decision.

That said, he was recently asked on Twitter if he would be okay with more Evil Dead movies or TV shows being made without him, and surprisingly, he’s all for it. When asked if those involved would have his blessing, Campbell said:

Crossovers eh? Does that mean we might one day see Evil Dead (2013)’s Mia (Jane Levy) run into Pablo and Kelly from Ash vs Evil Dead? Honestly, probably not. Still, nice to see Bruce being so gracious about the franchise he helped put on the map.