Appearances by Groovy Bruce Campbell You Forgot Happened

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We all LOVE Bruce Campbell.  For horror fans, it’s pretty much a given. If you don’t love Bruce, go sit in the corner and think about why you’re wrong. It just so happens that today is The King, The Chin, the Almighty Bruce’s birthday and to celebrate, we are bringing you a cluster of appearances by Bruce Campbell you forgot happened.

We all know Bruce as Ash, but the man with the chin has played a variety of characters from movies to video games and some may surprise you.

Psych (2014)

Bruce Campbell

Campbell as the book promoting doctor in Psych. Photo via Pinterest

The episode of Psych that featured our man was aptly titled “The Nightmare on State Street” where Bruce played a doctor named Ashford N. Simpson. This was toward the end of the series and the episode was very bizarre but it put two of my favorite things together and I was super happy about that.

Burn Notice (2007-13)

Bruce Campbell

Bruce as Sam Axe in his signature Hawaiian shirt in Burn Notice. Photo via TheTVWatchtower

I heard about this show A LOT. As a favorite of my dad’s, this story is of a disavowed spy who gets a “burn notice” (oh shit….the title) and chooses to use his expertise to help others. Campbell backs up Jeffrey Donovan as a supporting lead named Sam Axe and I maintain that he is the best character in the show.

My Name is Bruce (2007)

Bruce Campbell

Screenshot via JordanandEddie

A fun little B-movie about kids that (of course) unleash a curse on their town and Jeff (one of said kids) goes and kidnaps his hero…Ash from Evil Dead. Except it isn’t Ash, it’s Bruce Campbell who plays along thinking this is an event set up by his agent. Horror and comedy brought together with a helping of cheese.

Man with the Screaming Brain (2005)

Bruce Campbell

Campbell in his directorial debut. Photo via

Campbell plays William Cole, a murdered businessman who has part of his brain replaced by a mad scientist with a brain from a Russian cab driver named Yegor. They are on the hunt for their murderers, which happen to be the same woman. Campbell and Ted Raimi co-star in this sci-fi comedy that Campbell, himself, directed.

Bubba Ho-tep (2002)

Bruce Campbell

Screenshot of Bruce as Elvis and Ossie Davis as Jack. Photo via BasementRejects

A devastatingly underrated movie, Bruce plays Elvis Presley, who is actually alive and chilling with a man who thinks he’s JFK in a nursing home when an Egyptian mummy threatens the souls of the entire facility. You can’t call yourself a Bruce Campbell fan if you haven’t seen this movie.

Charmed (2002) “Witch Way Now?”

Bruce Campbell

Bruce Campbell as FBI Agent Jackman in “Charmed.” Photo via Pinterest.

Did you know our favorite chainsaw-wielding hero was also in an episode of Charmed? It seems EVERYONE has been in an episode of Charmed, so it’s not all that surprising. In the episode called “Witch Way Now?” Bruce played FBI Agent Jackman who threatens to expose the sisters unless they help him.

Jack of All Trades (2000)

Bruce Campbell

Bruce Campbell in “Jack of All Trades.” Photo via Pinterest.

You know how some actors all have something they kind of regret doing? I’ve always had a nagging feeling this may have been Bruce Campbell’s regret, but I never understood why. This was my first real encounter with the man and his glorious chin and I loved him as Jack Stiles. I ladored the show which featured him as a trouble-causing American spy stationed in the South Pacific. The time period was great placing the show in the early 19th century, with pirates and revolution and tri-corn hats, I maintain that this cheese ball cable TV adventure was amazing.

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (1995-99)/ Xena: Warrior Princess (1996-99)

Bruce Campbell

Bruce as the popular character Autolycus. Photo via Pinterest

I always really loved the shared universe between Hercules and Xena. The crossovers were spot-on and the actors were outrageous. Ted Raimi was hilarious as Joxer, Kevin Smith was smoldering as Ares and Bruce is perfect at everything. In both shows he played Autolycus.

The X-Files (1999) “Terms of Endearment”

Bruce Campbell

Image from “The X-Files” episode feat. Bruce Campbell. Image via Pinterest.

Talk about a show that had an appearance by everyone, I think it would be weird if Bruce WASN’T in an episode of The X-Files, to be honest. He graced our screens during the episode “Terms of Endearment” where he played Wayne Weinsider. What was the episode about? Demon fetal harvesting of course…that was a silly question to ask.

The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.(1993-94)

Bruce Campbell

Yee haw, Bruce! Image via SitcomsOnline.

Bruce led the series as Brisco County, Jr…an old west bounty hunter that catches bad guys with futuristic tools and weapons. For many too young to watch horror or not allowed by their parents, this was their first encounter with Bruce and with a plot like that, who wouldn’t see him as the bad ass he is.

With other appearances in Escape from L.A., Congo and voice acting for more cartoons and video games than I can count, this man has done it all and with the popularity of Ash vs. the Evil Dead, he shows no signs of slowing down.

We here at iHorror want to wish our favorite horror movie hero the happiest and creepiest of birthdays. Stay groovy Bruce!

Bruce Campbell

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Don’t forget, Bruce is making his way across the country on a book tour. Check if he’s coming to your city!

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