Big Brother ‘Pennywise’ Makeover is Awesome

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Because we can’t be more ready for the movie “IT,” here is another take on the clown known as Pennywise, this time from an older brother who dressed his younger one up as the killer clown.

The photos have gone viral and deservedly so, the young man pictured in the set is spot-on in his depiction of King’s classic monster.

eag2n Instagram

Although his inspiration comes from the upcoming September 8 release of the film, we’d like to see his Tim Curry impersonation as well.

Once you scroll through eag2n’s photo cache on Instagram you’ll see that this brotherly love also includes Legos, superhero films, skateboarding, and artwork. The latter seems to be eag2n’s professional calling with detailed illustrations of various superheroes, he’s even won a few awards for his work.

While we think his drawings are amazing, we are most impressed with the transformation he did on his little brother.

And by the looks of “IT,” his brother is too.

Photos courtesy of eag2n (Eagan Tilghman) Instagram.