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Brooke Shields Being Sought For Alice, Sweet Alice Remake

by David Grove

The 1976 shocker Alice, Sweet Alice marked the screen debut of Brooke Shields, who played the film’s first victim. Now Shields is being courted to star in the remake, which is still seeking financing.

Last year, I reported on the status of the long-gestating remake, which is being shepherded by longtime genre filmmaker Dante Tomaselli, the cousin of Alice, Sweet Alice director Alfred Sole. “Yes, Alice, Sweet Alice is still in the cards,” says Tomaselli. “The investor I was speaking about during the time of our article turned out not to have the funding.”

In 2013, Tomaselli was set to begin filming a remake of Alice, Sweet Alice, with Kathryn Morris (Mindhunters, television’s Cold Case) set to star as Catherine, Alice’s mother. But this fell through. “We’ve had a series of stop and go experiences mounting the remake,” Tomaselli told IHorror last year. “First, Alfred’s ex-agent was confident she had funding but, ultimately, she didn’t. Then Kathryn Morris was going to serve as Executive Producer, but she couldn’t raise the funds. She did try. That was it.”

The script for the remake has been written by Michael Gingold, formerly the long-time managing editor of Fangoria. “I just had a long phone conversation with Christian Armogida, a producer with Nightshade Entertainment I met with at Fantasia last summer,” says Gingold. “He’s read Alice, Sweet Alice and is interested in it as a potential project for Nightshade and some other producers he’s associated with. He’s passing the script on to them. He’s also a fan of the original and loves the idea of Brooke Shields being involved. This looks like a great possibility for Alice.”

Here’s the updated synopsis for the remake:

This reimagining of the 1976 cult classic focuses on Alice, a 12-year-old girl consumed with jealousy of her “perfect” younger sister Karen. When Karen is killed on the day of her first Communion, suspicion falls on Alice. Their mother, Catherine, struggles with the loss of one daughter and the potential guilt of another, and their community becomes overtaken by fear. As more people around Alice are savagely attacked and slain, the mystery deepens: Is this young girl responsible, or is someone else indulging a twisted obsession with murder?

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