Horror Trailers Peppa Pig

A theater full of children were left in tears this week when, according to The Guardian, horror trailers were mistakenly queued up in front of Peppa Pig: Festival of Fun

The team at Empire Cinema in Ipswich have issued apologies to both children and their parents who had settled in for an afternoon of pastel-colored Peppa and her friends only to be greeted with scenes of Octavia Spencer’s character in Ma running down a man in the road with her truck followed by Jackson A. Dunn wreaking havoc on a small town in the trailer for Brightburn.

While this is far from the first time something like this has happened, Empire Cinema was equally unlucky in that a reporter from the BBC was in attendance with her own children when the snafu took place.

The theater has said they intend to review their protocols and procedures in an attempt to understand how the mix-up happened.

This is the kind of thing that parents won’t soon forget, and one has to wonder how it will affect Empire Cinema in both the long and short term.

This may well be bigger than back in 1984 when the trailer for Silent Night, Deadly Night aired in the middle of a Saturday afternoon and sent parents scrambling to get their kids out of the room!

Since we’re here and talking about them, however, take a look at those trailers for Ma and Brightburn below!