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Brilliant Love Song Pays Tribute to The Thing’s Makeup Master Rob Bottin

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The Thing

When it comes to practical makeup effects, nobody did it better than Rob Bottin, mostly known to horror fans for his still-to-this-day mind-blowing contributions to films like The Thing and The Howling. The makeup master also worked on movies like The Fog, Total Recall, RoboCop, Fight Club, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Seven throughout the course of his nearly 30-year-long career, scooping up an Academy Award nomination and even a Special Achievement Oscar along the way.

It’s been over a decade since Bottin last worked on a film and he’s been seldom heard from in the years since. The practical effects that he specialized in have of course fallen by the wayside in the wake of his departure from the scene, being all but replaced by the far inferior CGI that has ruined many a horror film in recent years – including, ironically enough, the 2011 ‘prequel’ to The Thing.

In tribute to Bottin, and his memorable brand of gruesome practical effects, two-girl comic folk band Cossbysweater wrote a song called ‘Special Affect,’ which was just turned into a music video thanks to the folks over at the Stan Winston School, who recorded the duo singing the song and spliced in clips from the many films Bottin worked on. The result is an incredibly delightful little love note to Bottin, and the art of practical effects as a whole, which we strongly encourage you to check out.

We agree with the girls… please come back, Rob Bottin!!

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