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Brian Taylor Goes All In with “Mom and Dad”

by Waylon Jordan

Brian Taylor, the man who brought us Gamer and Crank, has a brand new film hitting theaters and Video On Demand January 19, 2018. It’s called Mom and Dad and it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

The film begins on a morning just like any other morning. Brent and Kendall Ryan get their kids ready for the day and head off to work never realizing that the world is about to go insane.

For the next hour and 23 minutes, we watch as parents are overtaken by a blind rage that makes them want to kill their children. Not children in general…only their own.

The film is an action packed, darkly hilarious roller coaster ride, and I jumped at the chance to talk to writer/director Brian Taylor.

My first question? Where did this idea come from?

“Yeah, well, I’m a parent, right? So, really, it’s all there,” Taylor laughed in reply.

From the spark of that idea, Taylor was intent on telling an original story, something he’d never seen before on film.

“Sometimes, when you do that, you find out why no one has ever done it before,” he explained. “It just seemed like this was a universal theme, though. The moment you fulfill your purpose as a human being is the moment you become obsolete, and that’s something that is difficult to resolve.”

This universal theme actually helped Taylor as they were searching for filming locations for the movie. They were in a very conservative part of Kentucky, and he was afraid to tell people what the movie was about when he was asking for permission to use their homes, many of which were decorated with religious iconography.

“That moment always came, though, and I’d have to, somewhat hesitantly, tell them what we were making,” he said. “Overwhelmingly, they’d respond ‘Oh, I’d see that movie! I want to kill my kids ten times a day!'”

That was when he knew he was really onto something. Now all he needed was a stellar cast to bring it to life.

Enter Nicholas Cage and Selma Blair as Brent and Kendall, the murderous parents in question.

“Nick and Selma are punk rock, man, and they really got the satire and humor right away,” Taylor explained. “They really personalized it and brought their own anxieties and frustrations to their roles.”

Selma Blair in Mom and Dad via Momentum Pictures

Both actors played their roles to the hilt, but Blair, especially, seems to offer the audience a glimpse of internal conflict over her murderous rage, even when it is in its highest gear. She’s our broken moral compass, so to speak, and she inhabits her role beautifully.

The films two younger stars, Anne Winters and Zackary Arthur, offset their adult counterparts perfectly working together as only a brother and sister can to stay alive.

Mom and Dad is a movie that begs to be seen with a group of friends. Check out the trailer below and be sure to look for it in theaters and VOD on January 19 2018.

Featured image via Momentum Pictures

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