Brian Moreland Delves into “Dark Needs” in New Short Story Anthology


Brian Moreland is a thinking man’s horror novelist.  He’s not content to merely tell a story that chills you.  He wants you to feel gutted by that story to the point that you reassess your life.  Fans of his work knew this intrinsically when they closed the cover of Darkness Rising or Shadows in the Mist and sat back in their chairs exhausted from the journey while simultaneously asking themselves what they would have done in the same situation.

In his latest offering, a micro-anthology of three short stories, the author mines the dark caverns of obsession, avarice, addiction, and desire with an unflinching eye.  Dark Needs: Three Twisted Tales of Horror is a bleak reminder that we never truly escape our sins without payment and that even deepest love can doom us to an eternity of horrors.

It was almost painful to read the stories in Dark Needs as the protagonist in each tale is given the opportunity to turn back, to change their path, to leave behind the object or person that will ultimately damn them.  Each offer is met with the all too human choice to continue down the path of destruction, and I was left wondering if I could have made a better decision in their situation.

The ultimate sticking point is that these are not bad people.  They aren’t people who have lived their lives doing terrible things to others.  They simply found themselves in situations they could not navigate.

In “The Dealer of Needs”, Moreland introduces us to an undercover vice cop who samples a drug one fateful night that offers shining hope wrapped by the Devil’s own hand.  “Offspring” brings us a woman who willed her whole life as a successful journalist into being, but no force of will could bring her the baby she desired most.  And “Chasing the Dragon” leads the reader down a path of demons and despair wrapped in a beautiful love story.

Ultimately all three stories ask the same fatal question:  Do you choose to live with your demons?

In Dark Needs: Three Twisted Tales of Terror the answer is invariably yes.

Dark Needs releases this Tuesday, February 28, 2017, and is available for pre-order on the Amazon Kindle!  Order today and take a glimpse into the dark void of master storyteller Brian Moreland!


  1. Well, horror film is what I vote. The ball on the well is why. When he puts the cover back on the well he doesn’t put in the pliers. The owner said that without the pliers they would have to get someone with a crane to remove the lid. Now, unless the ghost is particularly helpful, or has some alterior motive, I don’t see why the ghost would lift the cover to put the pliers back in. Continuity error in my view.

  2. Horror movie. Everything is just too perfect. Although I think the pliers in the well was not a continuity issue, I think it was on purpose. Obviously everyone would notice he didn’t put th pliers back in. For them to be there(since the kid is insanely heavy) just shows the strength of the “entity”

    Might want to check into the “owners” story about his dad too. Sure.

    Plus the ball reminds me of another horror movie but I can’t think of it!

  3. I’ve lifted those lids, 40-50lbs max. He played up the weight significantly when he put it back. The “special tool” is just a rod with a handle at one end an a flattened 90′ turn “hook” at the other. It could be lifted enough just using those water pump pliers in a normal fashion by inserting into the access hole clamping on and pulling up.
    This is another in an emerging genre of horror films like the haunted house making group I recently viewed. Bummer, since I grew up reading “psychic magazine” and they had better photos than any new age modern technology seems to produce. While I still believe, I haven’t seen proof yet although it’s on my bucket list.

  4. I just recently joined Amazon prime and I too found the movie by recommendations from Amazon. I thought it was good and believed it to be real since it said it was a documentary. A few nights later I was going through the recommendations and I guess because I watched some movie a couple nights earlier about aliens I was recommended to watch The Phoenix Tapes ’97. It looked like another documentary type of film and kind of good. So I started watching it and it’s about a dad whose son apparently has died and the dad thinks it’s a cover up by the government cause he found some tapes in his son’s room of the son and 3 friends witnessing some kind of extraterrestrial event. They proceed to show the tapes that were supposed to be real footage of the events and as I’m watching I realized that one of the 4 guys is the same guy from the Blackwell ghost movie!!!! Wtf?!?! I’m just saying check out the movie it’s clear as day that it’s him!!! So now I’m pretty convinced that both are fake lol just saying any thoughts from anyone else?

  5. The trees were the same size in the 1941 news paper photo as they were in the still of them walking up to the house. Not a documentary. An entertaining film made buy an amateur. It was fun and gave me chills. Well done… mostly.

  6. I watched The Blackwell Ghost a few nights ago & came across The Phoenix Tapes tonight. Started watching and instantly knew it was the same guy. I had already tried IMDBing the ghost movie previously, to no avail. Did the same tonight, hoping to see what other movie the guy I just recognized was from – also not on IMDB! Realized it was The Blackwell Ghost I had seen him in before, and now it’s all making sense… And damn, I actually was thinking The Blackwell Ghost was real!

  7. I know same thing with me!!! I was disappointed but at the same time excited for I guess debunking or figuring it out lol. I just had to post about it since I had read that article on the movie to let people know what I had found since in the article the guy said he coouldn’t find any info out about the guy!!!


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