Brazilian ‘Hidden Camera’ Horror Pranks Take it to the Next Level

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Programa Silvio Santos is a Brazilian variety show, created and hosted by Silvio Santos and broadcast by Sistema Brasileiro de Televisão. On the air since 1963, it is the second oldest television program in Brazil. A popular feature on the show is their prank segments, which vary from micro-budget surprises to large-scale productions of terror. The program will even team up with horror film producers to stage elaborate pranks to promote specific movies.

These pranks go beyond the simple spooky scare. There’s no quick jump followed by a “ha ha it was just a plastic spider” release. No, they drag out the fear to a fever pitch, causing the unsuspecting participants to question what is real.

You have to wonder what’s going on in the heads of the poor victims. Whether you think these pranks are awesomely creepy, staged, mean-spirited or hilarious (I don’t judge you, man), you have to admit they’re bloody impressive.

I mean, frankly, I’m surprised none of the zombie attacks resulted in serious head injuries, because they’re pretty convincing. I know I probably would’ve reacted with some well-meaning skull stomps. After all, zombie preparedness is what all these horror movies have trained us for, amiright?

Check out the pranks below and tell us what you think in the comments. Do you think they’re too over-the-top, or is it all in good fun? How would you react? Which prank is your favorite?

The Boy – Film Promotion

Ghost Girl in the Morgue

The Conjuring 2 – Film Promotion

Zombies in the Morgue

Annabelle – Film Promotion

Poltergeist – Film Promotion

Curse of Chucky – Film Promotion

Carrie – Film Promotion

Zombies on the Subway


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