Toy company NECA has had a whole lot of success with their video game-inspired line, which began with a highly unique action figure of Jason Voorhees. Other horror icons like Predator, Mohawk (Gremlins 2), and an Alien Xenomorph have since joined the fun, along with Jason’s nemesis Freddy Krueger.

It was back in 2013 that NECA released an action figure based on Freddy’s appearance in the ’89 Elm Street NES game, his entire body (including trademark glove) painted a flesh color and his pants a bright red. As for the iconic sweater, that was painted red and brown, true to the infamous game.

Out of nowhere, a retro-style version of NECA’s NES Freddy Krueger toy has just been put up for grabs exclusively at Toys R Us. The figure, available both in stores and online, is selling for $29.99, and comes dressed in fabric clothing, similar to the toys that defined the licensed action figure market in the 70s.

House inside of period-authentic packaging, featuring brand new artwork, this brand new TRU Exclusive 8″ Freddy toy is the perfect companion piece to NECA’s previously released 8-bit Jason Voorhees TRU Exclusive, which similarly upgraded the original NES toy with retro-style fabric clothing.

Check out some images of the toy below, and be sure to check your local Toys R Us or grab one via their website!

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