Brad Dourif Talks New ‘Child’s Play’ TV Series

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There is always going to be at least some sort of backlash when an iconic movie character is recast for a reboot – especially when it’s one of the most beloved killers in all of horror. While Brad Dourif being replaced by Mark Hamill of all people to voice the new incarnation of Chucky is as good a stand in as anyone, many fans still want to see a more “pure” version of Child’s Play.

Don Mancini, the original creator of Child’s Play, understands this. And thank your lucky stars, Chucky fans, because despite the new movie about to be released, Mancini is still bringing his original vision of Chucky back to life. Brad Dourif included.

Yet with all the talk about the new movie, updates on the television series that will see Mancini at the helm of Child’s Play have been sparse. Brad Dourif, in a recent interview with Bleeding Cool, gives us an update. Here’s the scoop:

To change gears- one of the other properties getting a remake this year is something you have strong ties to- Child’s Play [2019’s reboot has Mark Hamill in the role of Chucky]. Don Mancini is supposedly still currently working on another version, not that film version, as a tv series with SYFY, do you have any plans to be a part of that?
Brad: Don Mancinci‘s tv series is happening. it’s going to happen. Yes, yes absolutely. We’ve spoken more than once, and absolutely. It’s his baby, he invented it, it came from him, he’s the real source. And he’s managed, on more than one occasion with a shift in the genre to really find an exciting and different way of doing it, and it’s always worked. I think it’s pretty good, and I don’t feel that way about most things.
I mean with Chucky, we’re not talking about the deepest level of human nature or anything like that [we both laugh] but it’s great fun. And Don knows exactly the right tone, every time.

The new television series is expected to be released in 2020.

In the meantime, the new version of Child’s Play opens up June 21st. Are you going to go see it? Let us know your thoughts!

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