Book Review: Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis (Spoiler Free)


Every author extends an invitation to their readers.  They beckon to us from from shelves in bookstores or, perhaps more often today, from online listings with titles and cover art that promise adventure, discovery of truths, and a new understanding of the world around us.  The promises are always there, but only the best follow through completely.  Such is the case with Anne Rice’s newest novel Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis.

When last we left Rice’s singular hero, Lestat had taken the spirit Amel, the very core and life force of the vampiric tribe, into his being and was proclaimed the Prince of Vampires.  Amel has been one of the central mysteries of the author’s Vampire Chronicles.since we first learned of him in the fantastic Queen of the Damned.  This powerful spirit once sought the favor of Maharet and Mekare, the powerful witches brought to Queen Akasha’s court when she learned of their abilities.

The twin witches offend Akasha and she orders her husband King Enkil to have them punished.  He instructs his steward to rape the women in front of the entire court to prove that they have no real power and banish them from court.  As they wander the desert toward home, Maharet discovers she is pregnant and Mekare, in a fit of rage, instructs Amel to fly back to the court to torment the King and Queen and he takes to the task with relish.

A group of conspirators corner and repeatedly stab Enkil and Akasha until they lie dying in pools of their own blood.  Only then does Amel make his ultimate move.  He fuses himself to the blood and flesh of King Enkil and Queen Akasha creating the very first vampires in all the world.  From that moment on, whatever happens to the vampire who holds the core, can affect the entire tribe.

Now, you’re probably asking yourselves why I’m spending so much time talking about Amel, and the answer couldn’t be more simple.  After 40 years of novels and a sprawling dynasty of vampires, Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis is ultimately Amel’s story.

And it is a story for the ages.  Rice offers her readers a bombshell wrapped in splendor that we never saw coming, and perhaps never even knew we wanted.

Everything that we have known of the vampires and of Amel up to this point, no matter how beautifully crafted and solidly formed, gives way to depths that this reader never thought possible.  In fact, in Rice’s capable hands, I was almost left with the feeling that I should have thought of this before myself.  The story grows organically from the themes Rice has infused in the Chronicles from the beginning.

Companionship, family, longing, crushing loneliness, a desperate need for love, a search for meaning in the chaos of the Savage Garden.  In short, the things that we all search for are the very same that her vampires desire, and as it turns out, they are the things that Amel once sought himself.

As I promised in the title, there will be no spoilers here.  What I will tell you is that as a longtime fan of Anne Rice’s vampires, witches, taltos, castrati, djinn, mummies,spirits,  and even more recently werewolves, I was not let down in the least by this book.  Rice is at her storytelling best when she allows her characters to reveal their origins in their own voices, and that’s exactly what we get in this book.

With each twist and turn in the story, a new truth is revealed about Rice’s beautiful world, a new layer is peeled back to reveal a new answer that immediately asks another question.  In one swift movement in the last thirty pages of the novel, the world and undead life the vampires have known for millenia is completely and irrevocably changed.  And the final question is simple.

“What now?”

The author is a tireless researcher and she delves deeply into the lore and legend of Atlantis in a way that expands the mythology of her vampires while honoring Plato and others who first wrote of the island that fell into the sea.

Rice has done what few writers could successfully pull off in Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis.  After 40 years and fifteen novels, she completely changed the immortal game, and I, for one, am waiting to see just where the next game piece lands.  I was exhausted in the best possible way as I closed the cover and sat back to ponder this powerful journey.

You can order Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or head to your local bookstore on November 29.  You don’t want to miss this amazing story.


  1. Looks like Greg McLean is the next best thing in movie directing from my homeland Australia …..good on’ya mate :):)!!!!

  2. Great horror flick? The filmmaker covered all the bases . Whatever question’s you may have, were answered in the film. Was it real? I’m on the fence. I don’t think so but listen, scouts honor, my dad and I both saw a white apparition in my Grandmothers cemetery at dusk floating in thin air. And it was creepy. So I know first hand they’re for real. And quite honestly it’s not the only one I have experienced.

  3. A house of this age would have an abstract of title that would show all previous owners. Watching it now. Interesting but I’m also skeptical.

  4. I watched it last night. I started out believing it was real, but by the end, I wasn’t sure. For one thing, how did the owner of that house keep living there by himself year after year if the phenomena was as intense as pictured? I also thought it unlikely that anyone would allow two people whom he had met only once, for a few hours, to stay in his house while he was away.

  5. Not the best thing to watch late at night. Instead of the hair raising up on my neck, the skin on my scalp tingles at some horror/suspense movies. I like Mr. Jordan jumped on the internet to see if I could find the filmmaker to applaud his efforts, since the stormy night sequence and the ball on the sewer cover scared the beejezus out of me… The only thing that disappointed me was the lack of a prologue about what the filmmaker may have shared/shown the homeowner and if anything showed up on the 16mm film. . . Also, if you call the cops, I don’t think they would necessarily just not come if another party calls to say “No, you don’t have to come anymore.” I would think they would still come out of due diligence just to clear the first call to make sure everything was secure with the original person that made the call. Really dubious that there are no credits(At least not on Amazon Video, except starring “Ruth Blackwell”. . . Scared the crap out of me so if that was the original motive for the movie, Mission Accomplished!

  6. First of all, really enjoyed the movie but I’m leaning towards found footage fiction. Not sure though. I wanted to say in particular, though, I’ve had to call 911 and end up telling them I didn’t need assistance and they didn’t come. So I think that’s plausible.

    Also, did anyone else notice the bottles on the way down to the cellar at minute 53? They were clear, but weren’t during the storm. You can compare them to when Greg was showing them around the house.

    Anyway, neat little film. I love finding a small creative project like this.

  7. While well done. It’s obviously a fictional film. I say obviously because of how the story is set up. He goes to this old guys house, gets a tour, hears the story, but oddly doesn’t stay overnight while he is there to see if he witnesses anything. Makes no sense if this was a real doc film. Not to mention, to make it creepier he shoots some footage in black and white. Kudos to him. He is an entertaining character and did a great job. But not a real documentary.

  8. This film was a pleasant surprise. Definitely wish it was longer and as far as being real or not, i’d say that had it been an actual documentary on the subject there would not have been lengths to add “music” for effect in the scene in the basement (don’t want to spoil it). Also as far as footage on the 16mm, i think you see something in the reflection on the photo/art frame that’s hanging on the wall – i could be wrong though.

  9. Watching right now and first question is why would she dispose of body parts into their source of water? Of course it’s fictional but fun none the less.

  10. The person who made this is the same person who uploaded the “ghost screaming in haunted hotel” video on YouTube. It’s all fake.

  11. I knew it was fake when the ball moved and he didn’t show it move. He had a camera placed right on the spot where the ball was on the coffee table. If it really moved to the lid of the well in the basement then why wouldn’t he show us the footage of it moving off the coffee table?? Fake fake fake

  12. Also “Ruth Blackwell” is clearly wearing late 1800s early 1900 period clothing. Yet she is supposedly from the 1930s?

  13. I would also suspect something amiss. But it’s not hard to check the state area code and being able to get there in such a short time.
    I would still be wary.

  14. I also experience on several occasions the paranormal. That’s why I can’t get enough of it.
    Since I have more years behind me instead of front of me. I’ll find out soon enough.

  15. I thought the wife was way to calm. Also got the feeling that she thought her husband was full of it.
    But again maybe she didn’t want people to think she was bat sh!t crazy.

  16. I feel the same way. Yes, it was very believable, yes, there were scenes where I was scared like a baby. and YES my wife chewed her nails off. But after watching it, I aid to myself,
    “this could have easily been portrayed as real with a minimal amount of special effects knowledge”. Now , having read your review, and that the person who made the movie has not gotten back to you, I believe it may be a fake. But still worth the hour!!

  17. Did anyone else find it strange that the house owner’s bedroom door had 3 locks? Did anyone else notice that?

  18. Given that he believes the house haunted I do not think that is strange at all!

    Not that locks would have actually helped much – given it was apparently a poltergeist

  19. I just watched The Blackwell Ghost documentary and genuinely thought it was real. I decided to google after watching to see if I could find out more and that’s where I came across your blog. I noticed you have done some research and believe the director of the film is Called Turner Clay. After doing abit of searching myself I found a post from someone called Kenny Biddle who has debunked the “screaming ghost of room 209” (the video shown in The Blackwell Ghost documentary and the reason the Director decided to do this documentary) In Kenny Biddle’s post he explains the “screaming ghost of room 209” was uploaded to youtube by the username jimmynut22, Kenny Biddle decided to subscribe to Jimmynut22 profile and came across a post Jimmynut22 had written revealing himself as Turner Clay……. So Turner Clay uploaded the “screaming ghost of room 209” and is the director of The Blackwell Ghost?!?! To me that means this documentary is fake…. Genuinely disappointed as it was a good watch.

    Kenny Biddles post

  20. I just watched The Blackwell Ghost documentary and genuinely thought it was real. I decided to google after watching to see if I could find out more and that’s where I came across your blog. I noticed you have done some research and believe the director of the film is Called Turner Clay. After doing abit of searching myself I found a post from someone called Kenny Biddle who has debunked the “screaming ghost of room 209” (the video shown in The Blackwell Ghost documentary and the reason the Director decided to do this documentary) In Kenny Biddle’s post he explains the “screaming ghost of room 209” was uploaded to youtube by the username jimmynut22, Kenny Biddle decided to subscribe to Jimmynut22 profile and came across a post Jimmynut22 had written revealing himself as Turner Clay……. So Turner Clay uploaded the “screaming ghost of room 209” and is the director of The Blackwell Ghost?!?! To me that means this documentary is fake…. Genuinely disappointed as it was a good watch.

  21. A couple things tell me this is not real. One…the wife never seems even a little disturbed by what’s going on. Even if she thinks it’s all BS…you would still show some concern. Two…they supposedly called the fire department. From what I know…in that scenario…the fireman would still show up and check things out to be safe. They wouldn’t take your word for it…especially if they are on their way. Two…they supposedly called the cops yet they exclude the cops coming also. If you want everyone to “buy in”….or it really happened…we should have seen both fireman and cops. They kept it pretty low budget with only 3 characters. Nice try but not buying it.

  22. They have a Facebook page and seem to be responding to some comments and messages on there. Someone did say in the comments on one of the posts on their Facebook page that the guy was an actor on “The Phoenix Tapes.” Maybe you could research a bit on that. I’ve never seen that movie, but from what I read, it seems like it’s also a no credit horror style movie.

  23. Before night 3 he checks out the well, and tosses the cover back on, falling totally into place… Without the pliers. The home owner said you would need a special tool to get it back off under such circumstances. Yet night 3, when the ball is atop the well the pliers are suddenly back in place. They also tried to make it seem like the camera that was set up shooting the lamp & ball had malfunctioned before the ball disappeared; yet at the end there’s footage from that camera of the swinging chandelier without the ball.

  24. Well first off I want to applaud your tenacity. You definitely went above and beyond trying to figure this out. So thank you. I would have looked forever until I found the answers I needed about this film.

  25. Turner Clay is married to Libby Clay, she plays the wife Terri. His brother, John Will Clay, was a co producer and director on their first film, State of Emergency made for 12k. They also documented Toby Keith’s tour. Made various commercials in Australia. They even have a Youtube account. You might recognize it. John Will Clay plays the maintenance worker entering the haunted hotel room. Turner clay is the voice talking on the radio. I believe johnnynut22 is the channel. That TRUE haunted hotel video is also fake.

  26. When the filmmaker shows the newspaper article and photo of the house, you can see that none of the vegetation and trees have changed in 70+ years. That is proof enough that this is fiction. Screw doing even basic Photoshop to erase trees and shrubs. Noons will notice. The trees are the same size and location meaning no growth or plant loss. C’mon!

  27. on us census mooseroots, look up Ruth-Blackwell – it’s all in the census

    she was white, born in 1900, she would have been 41 when she was institutionalized or accused of the seven murders, and she lived in PA (Schuylkill)

  28. Yes. When I was watching the movie, that’s the first thing I noticed. Didn’t match at all, but then again, my grandmother wore Victorian clothes in the 1960s, sooo… who knows

  29. did you see a shadow that wasn’t the documentary guy or his wife when they were filming an alleged video on their cell phone in the living room?

  30. there is a Ruth Blackwell born in 1910 in Mahanoy, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania,however she only shows in the 1920 census as a ten-year old and that’s her maiden name. I keep trying to post this but it gets deleted. Why

  31. The haunting has even effected the vegetation outside from growing. I comparing the picture of the house from 1941 to today: the trees and shrubs are the exact same size! 75+ years no growth is the most stagnant evidence of a haunting.

  32. It is ‘jimmynut22’ and BTW the hotel video voiceover audio is the same guy that is the star of the non documentary. He also likes to ‘….call the police right now’ and is ‘…officially freaked out right now’.

  33. I’m half way through the movie and I have to say this guy is a good actor if its fake. All those paranormal activity and Blair witch, they are bad at acting normal. I was interested in finding out if this was real before watching it. So far, it feels like ito real but like I said only half way through it.

  34. looks like my comment was put on the Prince lestat book. This is for the blackwell ghost. I’m half way through the movie and I have to say this guy is a good actor if its fake. All those paranormal activity and Blair witch, they are bad at acting normal. I was interested in finding out if this was real before watching it. So far, it feels like ito real but like I said only half way through it.

  35. If you notice, when he is done investigating the well he drops the sewer lid back on and it seals then in the big climatic scene with the ball sitting on top the lid is propped open again with the plyers. Sloppy filming mistake, since the home owner, while showing the well pointed out how heavy the lid is and keep it propped open because you need a special tool to open it. Fake documentary and worse film making. No wonder he doesn’t want anyone to know his name.

  36. I also don’t know what to think. I’ve seen a lot of ghost hunting shows and even know a group of paranormal investigators in LA. It really does seem far and beyond what I’ve seen everywhere else. That being said, when I watched the movie last night it was totally fine, entertaining, and fun to watch… but when the movie was over it had vanished from my amazon watchlist. The next morning when my husband came home I woke up just before I heard a loud crash that my husband heard too. A heavy 1940’s kitchen chair was now inexplicably lying on its side under the matching table with no one around to have moved it. Later a paper towel holder jumped off a table and smashed on the floor. Certainly some weird energy around my house after watching this movie!! No, I’m not easily spooked by these movies or even events in my house. I’m just noticing how very strange it is!! I mentioned to my LA ghost hunting friend what happened after watching this! She knows I’m more curious than scared when it comes to spirits and hauntings but now SHE is totally interested in seeing The Blackwell Ghost!! I just did a quick search on my usual spots on the internet and find it very strange that it’s not on IMDB and when you do other searches very little is available as far as information! This is kinda crazy for sure!!!

  37. Lol, i noticed that as well. However i still struggled to find out if indeed it was real or just a mockumentary. Nonetheless, it was a good movie and provided believable content.

  38. I agree it was a good movie but there a few slight oddities in the film which illustrate that’s its not a real documentary but good nonetheless. As for your experiences afterwards i would not associate that with the film. Perhaps, your senses were more aware and allowed forces to feed off that energy which could bring forth power to paranormal entities. Afterall we are just energy in this world n the next.

  39. According to Ancestry, the Blackwells
    were an interracial couple. James Blackwell was black and Ruth Blackwell was white. I believe the movie is fake, but the story behind the house could still very well be true!

    Also, people who are discrediting clothing: she was born in 1903. It’s not uncommon for there to be some fashion crossovers in the 1920s-1930s from previous decades.

  40. I saw the film, I’m inclined to believe it’s just that, a film. I didn’t think it was even that good as I saw nothing in that film that I believe would freak out most people (except apparently the person doing the film).

  41. Pretty convenient to get all those years worth of newspapers via email so quickly. Considering they are either PDF or .jpg, that would be some heavy data that he would probably need wifi to download and there didn’t seem to any real mention of such by a self-proclaimed nerd.

    Also, download an app to patch into the homeowner’s security system?? Suuuurrrrreeee.

    It’s also far fetched that he spent so many hours in the neighborhood without asking neighbors about the history or any stories concerning the house. I mean, 12 year olds would attempt that minimum of “documenting” something.

  42. Immediately upon reading this article I recognized the name turner clay! It is the name on a building in the zombie film, State of Emergency… which is a very good flick. I watched the trailer for State of Emergency again and saw the director was Turner Clay and a John Will Clay was also credited. I hope this helps nail down the truth of this docu-spoof.

  43. The name “Blackwell” is homage to writer Algernon Blackwood. The film is terrific, a lot of fun, not a “documentary” just entertainment. The backstory, etc is all fiction.

  44. Well, watched the movie, and did enjoy it. I really did not see any hard evidence presented that this was some kind of haunted house, although they give you that perception. I do believe it is a fake movie, and not a real documentary, as a type of Blair Witch type of movie. The effects were kind of eerie, but easily faked. They guy did a good job with the movie intertwining nice stories with footage, and it made for an enjoyable watch. Is it a real documentary, that proves the existence of ghosts? I strongly do not believe so. I feel that the guy making it is pulling your leg, but does a good job.

  45. This was a fun little mockumentary. Ghosts are real in some respect, but this movie is not. But it was well done. I knew it was a joke when the owner claimed his Father broke his neck and died in the house when he was a kid. No one would stay in a house with such bad memories.
    I do like how fervent the filmmaker was in his claim that it was all real.

  46. I was into it and going with the “documentary” story up until he turned on the timecode and said “this happened at 1:30am” based on the timecode display on the footage. Um, I doubt any filmmaker would say footage timecode and actual time are the same thing.

  47. Several posts here made good points as far as it being a fake and I agree with most. However, what made me feel this documentary was totally fake was the photo of this Ruth Blackwell. A photo that old and from a newspaper microfiche would not be that detailed. I mean, the photo shown is so detailed you can almost tell her eye color and it’s a black and white photograph… off of a newspaper microfilm. I’m no expert in photography but I have seen one or two in my day. Completely fake, but decent horror flick. Enjoy.

  48. I just watched it on Amazon and found it thoroughly enjoyable. If it was fake, no problem; you did an excellent job of tricking me! The disinterested, mildly annoyed wife was a gem, and I don’t know which I liked more….listening to the owner of the house tell the ghost story or watching them experiencing it! Good job! I wish it had been a bit longer, though.

  49. It is fake. The newspaper photo of the house in the 1940’s has the same trees in the present day photo. The landscape would have changed in 75 years.

  50. The pliers back in place was more of a terror for me than the ball. The fact he clearly didn’t have them in place when dropping -vs- in place later, only told me that someone STRONG/POWERFUL raised it and kept the pliers in place.

  51. Turner Clay could repost the room 209 video to his account too. I’ve done this when referencing footage— as you cannot control the intention of the original poster (if they remove it) So re-posting is legit to me.

  52. Very entertaining I will give it that. As far as being fake or real?? My initial issue was the smoke in the house. Could the stove cause all that smoke? Certainly it could, but if I were staying in someone else’s house and there was that amount of smoke, I certainly would NOT have canceled the fire department call. I mean, come on, what IF there had been a short somewhere or something. I know I would definitely have the fire department give me the all clear…also, it would have added some credibility to it all. And then them staying in the house the last night…nope, nope, nope! But again, I did enjoy the movie a lot was put into that hour.

  53. I wish it was true but sadly it is just a good movie. After he examines the open well he puts the well lid on and you see it slamming shut no pliers in place to keep the lid cracked open. At the end where he pans to the well where the ball is on top of the lid the pliers are back where they were in the beginning.

  54. True or fake, I loved the Blackwell film. It was very engaging and engrossing and I was totally scared by the end of it!

  55. I have investigated for about 7 years total. I love this story, but it just doesn’t ring true. Did I experience phenomena when investigating? Yes. It was rare. And untimed. You never knew, light or dark, when the real McCoy was about to happen. The urban legend was a nice twist. But in most, but not all, of my experiences, it was deceased people hanging out, residual energy, or physical phenomena typical of older homes. This is a really great story, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It does harken back to the Blair Witch! So nostalgic!

  56. I loved the film. Had some scary moments (mostly when he was pretending to be frightened). But it all seemed staged. There was nothing in there that a semi-good film maker couldn’t have done on a very low budget. If anyone has any other recommendations please post. I love scary movies !

  57. This was not real. There are several indications. Mostly the guy being able to call off the fire department after a questionable response time is not possible. Plus he doesn’t mention who he is, his address etc. Also the fur tree in front of the house from the article was supposed to be 1941, just a few years after the home was built would not have been full grown. The site would have been excavated for the build just a few years back.

  58. I thought it was fake because the clock on the oven was blurred out when he turned it off. It’s possible he was attempting to block out the brand name, but my first inclination was that he didn’t want the time on the clock to show because it might have been incongruent with the time of night that the smokey event took place. He didn’t realize until much later when it would have been too difficult to reshoot the scene and make the clock show an appropriate time.

  59. I liked the documentary. I would like to believe we are not alone. I agree his documenting was well played, the scenes were not exaggerated, unlike many who tend to make this kind of documentaries. People believe in heaven and hell, why not ghosts?

  60. Just watched it. Enjoyable but fake. The recordings don’t prove anything but well done film. 5 ghosts…I mean stars!

  61. There was Ruth Blackwell in the 1942 Census that lived in Morris, PA. So the Penn State source is a little off. I wondered if the movie even took place in PA. The geography (when seen) looked awfully flat. The Blackwell found by Penn State lived in Pittsburgh. There’s very little flat land in Pittsburgh. I found the move well done. Real or not?? Don’t know.

  62. I thought the point w that was he totally closed this super heavy lid and then the entity put it back like it was supposed to be and put the ball on it to mess w his head. But I really can’t imagine that the dude would totally close it after the owner made a big deal about why they keep it propped open. Another of a number of things that proved it was fake to me. I tried to get back to Netflix to check out what people were saying about the tree in the “old” newspaper article and the tree today and Netflix wasn’t working. It weirded me out for a minute, and that’s what you want in a scary film, something that makes you jumpy when you know you shouldn’t be, so at the end of the day it served its purpose.

  63. The detective mentioned in the article is actually Jim Hopper, not Hooper, and Jim Hopper is also the name of the chief of police from the Netflix show Stranger Things, which also has to do with paranormal happenings.

  64. I didn’t understand why they mentioned the basement door open after the first night that they didn’t put a camera on it or put one in the kitchen after the second night .. is was sure it was fake after that! ..I wasn’t sure about the back story of the blackwell ghost ..thanks for the info on that ..very entertaining th

  65. I thoroughly enjoyed this film as well and think for a low budget indy film it was very well done and had a great script. I agree that it is the most cleverly marketed film since The Blair Witch. Having a background in film however, I knew this was not a real documentary. No actual filmmaker who has gone to film school and worked professionally be they a Director, a Producer or a DP (Director of Photography aka Camerman) is going to “try something new” and step in FRONT of the camera filming himself talking to it. They MIGHT do their own voice-overs but even that is rare. Crew are crew and talent are talent. You are either one or the other, with the exception of very successful actors who eventually direct and produce. Also EVERYTHING is planned out and this guy seemed to be flying by the seat of his pants. He had zero crew and that would not happen even on a super low budget documentary. The dude has his own plane to fly from Louisiana to Pennsylvania but only has his wife with him who he asks “what are you doing today?” Would not happen. There are film interns eager to learn the business who will work for free just for the on the job experience being on a real film set and the resume credit, especially if the film is union registered. So it is obvious this is NOT a real documentary. However, for the majority of viewers who believe almost anything they see on tv, movies or the internet and are not familiar with the film industry, it works. Clever script, smart marketing, pretty good acting (I really liked the older man who owned the house, he was very believable) and not at all overboard with any unrealistic paranormal stuff. Definately recommend for a night in when you have an hour or so to watch a movie!

  66. I loved this film, entertaining and creative. From the info I gathered from the comments I found the house and Greg the homeowner. Happy sleuthing!

  67. I was somewhat disappointed. There were a lot of orbs in the basement that caught my eye the most but other than that there was a lot of cutting away from the actual “activity” and I found it convenient that the power went out so the only came that worked was the one he was holding, it made some of the scenes that would have been alarming had they been properly filmed seem set up, especially at the end. I wanted this to make me a believer but it didn’t.

  68. He spooked my spooked. My kind of film that makes me want to turn all the lights on in my house afterwards and turn on a Parks and Rec episode to laugh the creepy jitters away. My only complaint; I want more!

  69. Well. I watched it on Amazon Prime. THEN it quickly suggested another film for me to watch The Phoenix Tapes ’97 right after. I clicked in and there is a familiar voice … Yep our Filmmaker friend from The Blackwell Ghost. SO yep, it’s A) he’s found a fun way to market a movie and get us drawn in…

    The end is what made me go… “wait a minute.” (no spoilers.. just watch for yourself…) From one storyteller to another. Well done. I thought it was great and fun to watch but YES it is INDEED fake.

  70. Just watched. One big tell that no one has mentioned is that the ball was placed on the sewer before he moved the cover. Once he replaced the sewer plate back on he didn’t put the tool in between. And yet, the plate has the tool stuck in it when the ball is there. Meaning the ball was placed on the sewer plate before he removed the sewer plate. So if anything, the time frames are not in correct order. SO FAKE. Too obvious it was fake. Entertaining but more ROLL YOUR EYES and disappointing. Yeah, someone is going to ask you to live in their house. WHY NOT? The whole thing is obviously made up. I came here to check if the history was there at least, I guess not. It’s only good if it’s true. It’s not. So LAME. At least Blair Witch was more interesting. Not just water being turned on or the stove. Or a ball moved. Meh.

  71. I’ve been thinking about how dumb this was all day long. Happy dude lets some stranger come film his house. And his story is basically his dad was pushed down stairs by a ghost and died of a broken neck (and here are the stairs). And his healthy mom was scared to death by a ghost. And yet happy Greg still lives there. OK. Gee, not too obvious it’s a set up or over-the-top.

    Now if this were real, the first thing the couple should have assumed when crap went bad was that happy Greg was not on a business trip but visiting them at night to scare them. But they didn’t think that once. Greg who has keys and access to security. And could have rigged the house for their demise. Was not even mentioned. I mean it’s not like they were seeing Casper fly around, someone was turning on the stove and taps. And opening doors. My first thought would be “Greg has set us up”.

    The whole premise is weak and unbelievable. What does Greg care if some Kentuckians believe his story or not? He cares so much that he asks them to stay? And the commentator isn’t exactly an authority figure that you’d be begging to convince.

    But honestly what person has a happy persona that lives in a house with a well that’s stuffed with 7 dead children, has a ghost that killed both of his parents and haunts him on a regular basis? Which one of those facts would make you race to the door and never come back?

    A better story would be Greg killing the couple after scaring them to death. Or them finding out Greg is actually a ghost, one of the dead children that grew up as a ghost in the house.

    Listing this as a documentary is completely despicable. What a lousy bait and switch. Make me watch this because I think it’s genuine? Thanks Amazon for letting people lie.

  72. What’s funny, look for it, not only is the Kentucky guy in Blackwell one of the guys that went missing in Phoenix Tapes in that “documentary”…..uh, he’s wearing the same GREEN HAT in both “documentaries”. LOL. That explains his attention to the hat in Blackwell. An inside joke apparently.

  73. I just finished watching this ‘documentary’ and I must say, good job. Blair Witch-like in filming, I was not impressed with the ‘wife’s’ performance whatsoever…she was lame in being convincing…regardless of ‘how’ she was SUPPOSE to act, she flopped the whole ‘acting’ because ANY acting would have at LEAST been consistent so two thumbs down for her ha! I read down through everyone’s comments, many were seriously searching for a truth and landed ‘here’ much like I did and others ended up here because they are going to planning cult following shindigs in the next decade haha SO let me share what *I* found. I think there is a lot of funky stuff in PA for stories and I looked up the area in PA one posted actually found of a Ruth Blackwell who WOULD have been 30 and she is indeed dressed in early 1900 clothing…but thats ok…if she was ‘nuts’ or maybe she liked the style she remembered her mother wearing…maybe she was of a puritan nature and didn’t think the 30’s after those roaring 20s was to be paid attention to…who knows…my grandmother wore pants and got a job a decade before anyone in her small town USA and people thought she was nuts and she had 6 children and didn’t stick any of them down the drain and that surprises all of us still HAHAHA ANYWHO…I found this link looking up Urban Legands in Mahanoy, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania… I found a story that has to do with 7ppl dying, a peddler being butchered, another one that has to do with a well…this, that and the other, one of an asylum that crazy’s escaped from and they were shot in fear they would be labled ‘madmen’…on and on for the whole area in general…and thats not mentioning the stories of American Indians scalping while trying to scare the White Man from invading & moving onto their lands… It made for GREAT storytelling and HELLO, we are on Amazon and Netflix ppl…ISN’T THAT WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR? A GOOD STORY? Yeah! Glad I got what *I* was looking for… Gonna down a bottle of cold water and hit the sack. Here is the link… I will ‘break it up’ so ya’ll can copy & paste it into a search bar and it will link it back and you can click on it 🙂
    https :// sites . google . com / site / haunts and history / pennsylvania dutch haunts & history 3

    Not only a great article/write-up to keep the intriegu but the ‘conversation’ ehhh, comments, were worth the read as well
    Praise Be!
    (Does anyone know what that is from? I find myself saying it…THATS creepy in and of itself HAHA) (and TWICE as creepy if any of you KNOW what its from haaaa)

  74. We watched last night and loved it! Very entertaining! I love a good thrill! But we can’t decide either is it real? My hub said it’s not, remember Blair witch? Lol so who knows but it’s worth watching for sure!

  75. Blackwell… like black… well? Like the thing in the basement where bodies were ditched? A black well? And the last name of the ghost/killer was Blackwell? Ok.

  76. I watched it and it was good. I looked into it, couldn’t find a thing. I also think it has to be the people who were behind Phoenix Tapes ’97. It’s smart marking on their part.

  77. Fun to watch but fake, fake, fake. The research on the Blackwell couple is what clued me in. I’m a librarian. I have trouble believing that a public library, in a smallish town, would have an “archivist” on hand. Futhermore, I doubt you could find one who would say, “Sure!” when a caller asked to be emailed or sent 4+ years worth of local newspapers on microfilm. He could go to the library and look at the microfilm, but as far as I know, libraries can’t just email someone years worth of articles found on microfilm. Please, someone correct me if I’m wrong.

  78. I think it’s fake. The film maker is in another movie in amazon the Phoenix Tapes 97 another fake documentary. But it was good

  79. My daughter and I watched the documentary as we are fascinated by the paranormal as well. We enjoyed the movie very much and now knowing it isn’t factual is a bit disappointing. Still worthy of watching

  80. Orbs??? Are you kidding me??? Dust particles and insects do NOT equate to ‘orbs’. Fake documentary or not, the fact that the filmmaker did not make a big deal out of that kind of bogus ‘ghosthunting evidence’ makes me respect him even more.

  81. I have to say I am disappointed in this film not being a real documentary when it seemed so real. So I am back to square one, what is real? I have never believed in ghost but was coming around while watching paranormal shows where people, who seem genuine, tell their horror stories. I am a person of faith and believe demons can and do pretend to be people(ghost) in order to torment and/or harass us humans. But is there any proof on film? I’d have to say no.

  82. I enjoyed the film but have a hard time believing it’s real. If you go back and listen to the hotel tape, it is the documentarian’s voice.

  83. There is one thing none of the comments have hit yet that totally opened my eyes to the fairness. The “well” in the basement. When he lowered the string in the well to check its depth, one, he had no weight on the string and I’d look close, it’s floating on the water. Two, he claimed it went down nearly 60 feet when he was holding string that was clearly not nearly 60 in length and the third and final and total tell for fakeness, the well water level was ABOVE the actual basement floor level. He took a man hole cover and rim, and just set it on the floor and put some kind of vessel inside the rim to hold the dirty water. There is simply no physical way a man hole rim can hold water like he showed it holding it, and, if a well had water levels above the floor level like he showed, water would find it way through the basement floor somewhere and there would be inches of water covering the entire basement floor. I give him credit, I liked the movie, he really had me going for quite a while, but the grand ending just became too much and I saw too many small holes. How about one more. He is in the basement, yelling up to the second floor to his wife, they have no problems communicating, you can clearly hear her yell back, but just 30 seconds later, he climbs the stairs and the basement door is closed And he makes no mention of it closing on its own like he had before.


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