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What if you could make shit happen in your dreams? I mean, some of us get that sometimes, right? You make some sort of slumber-minded decision to hang out just a little bit longer with that girl in your dreams. Maybe you even hold her hand. Maybe you almost kiss. Whatever the case, you wake up before it goes any further. Years ago, I dreamed of the perfect girl. We hung out all night, talked, stared into one another’s eyes, and yes, we even held hands. It felt so real. I remember us sitting on the floor, her head on my shoulder. And then…I woke up. I can’t even express to you how bad I wanted to climb back into that dream. I wanted her to be real.

What the hell am I rambling on about?

I’ll tell you– Russell James’s brand spankin’ new novel from Samhain Horror, Dreamwalker.

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In Dreamwalker, Russell James gives this amazing dream power to a young college fella named, Pete. In the real world, Pete has trouble with direction. He gets mixed up by signs, and he’s not really into what his life has to offer. In his dreams though, Pete has it goin’ on. Okay, it’s not like he’s a Don Juan there or anything, but he’s entrusted with the lead role in each and every adventure. And he has a leading lady who he refers to as Dream Girl. There’s a really fun little dream sequence near the beginning of the novel featuring these two. I won’t get into it, but it is definitely more Indiana Jones than the horrors that await Pete and Dream Girl in Twin Moon City. In his dreams, Pete has a mansion on a hill, designed and built from scratch with his unique powers. The thing is Pete isn’t even aware of the full scope of the gift he possesses.

Pete wakes up one day and feels something pulling him–a calling, if you will. Despite his lack of direction, Pete leaves school and catches a bus headed east. Armed with just a few hundred dollars, Pete lands in New Jersey and quickly finds a cheap apartment and a job. It isn’t very long before he realizes that there’s more to his dreams than he originally thought.





Over the years, New Jersey has been home to some pretty nasty things: those Jersey Shore scumbags, Chris Christie, the Menendez Brothers, and maybe the worst….the Jonas Brothers!  But James introduces us to another real bad motherfucker by the name of Jean St. Croix.



We’re brought into St. Croix’s ruthless drug lord way of life with a great, cringe-worthy scene featuring a man by the name of Manuel. St. Croix runs drug business under the guise of a taxi company. As wicked as he is the real world, St. Croix, who is possessed by the evil spirit of the petro loa, is even worse in the dream world. He has even created his own nightmare-developing community called, Twin Moon City.


Here, St. Croix has trapped the countless souls his nightmares have  destroyed, including a Dreamwalker. I also have to give Russell James props for a great job of giving us the background on how and why  St. Croix, back in his home country (Haiti) comes to be possessed by the petro loa that goes by the name, Cauquemere.

The only threat to St.Croix?  The Dreamwalker.

St. Croix, and his wicked dream persona, Caunquemere, set out to seek and destroy this Dreamwalker before he realizes the full extent of his powers.

Can Pete uncover who and what is after him before it’s too late? Will he reach his full potential as a Dreamwalkerin time to stand against the rising force of darkness that seeps its sinister trade in both the dream world and in ours?

Russell James takes our hand and brings us along for a terrific adventure filled with plenty of suspense, chills, blossoming love, and a surprising bit of tragedy…..oh, and did I mention St. Croix’s army of zombies?


Seriously, read this novel. I’ve read a few of James’s works. He’s a great writer, and this is definitely his best so far. I can’t see it not making my top ten of the year (a bold statement considering it’s only the third week of 2015!).


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