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Bodegas Vitivinos Tank Spills 50K Liters of Blood Red Wine

by Waylon Jordan
Bodegas Vitivinos

Bodegas Vitivinos in Villamalea, Spain is having a very, very bad day after one of their wine tanks busted and dumped 50,000 liters of blood red wine on the ground.

In a scene reminiscent of The Shining, the wine seems to almost bubble up out of the surface of the tank before foaming and spreading out over the winery’s grounds as employees look on incapable of doing anything to stop it.

Bodegas Vitivinos was founded in 1969 according to its official website and currently own 1,570 hectares of vineyards on the Iberian peninsula between the valleys of the Júcar and Cabriel rivers. They specialize in a variety of award-winning wines for every taste.

One can only speculate the dollar amount of the loss, but this is 2020 and some of us gave up counting a long time ago. In fact, our only real question at this point was did anyone think to grab a straw?

The video began showing up online yesterday on YouTube and spreading across social media as people were caught off guard by the spectacle. It would almost be beautiful if it weren’t just so damned sad.

Take a look at the video below and see the horror show for yourself…

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