Blumhouse’s ‘Pilgrim’ is a Must-See This Thanksgiving

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Looking for essential holiday viewing to go with your turkey and stuffing this year? I know that good Thanksgiving horror is hard to come by and that’s why this bit of news is so exciting. This year, while everyone else is watching the Macy’s Day Parade you can partake in a delectable side dish of Blumhouse cooked content with Pilgrim.

Hulu’s Into The Dark Series has been a hit and miss bag of horror holiday tricks since its release last year. Some of the highlights out of season one being The Body, I’m Just Fucking With You and All That We Destroy.

Season two has started out strong with its second episode being a perfect pairing for your food coma Holiday.

Pilgrim comes from the dude who brought us The Collector and The Collection, Marcus Dunstan. And it really gives us a very clearly Thanksgiving themed and welcomed horror treat.

Pilgrim centers on a woman attempting to remind her family that they have a lot to be thankful for and to not take advantage by way of privilege. So, she hires some actors to come reenact an authentic first Thanksgiving. When the actors refuse to break character things get real crazy, real fast.

This entry is a lot of fun, and since there is a serious lack of Thanksgiving films outside of Blood Rage and the like, its very cool to have a new addition to our all too short stack of must-see Thanksgiving films.

Pilgrim is available now via Hulu.

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