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Blumhouse’s ‘Invisible Man’ Reboot Finally Gets Some Plot Details

by Michael Carpenter

Creating a horror monster shared universe was never really a bad idea, but Universal Studios’ Dark Universe went about things all wrong, transplanting all our favorite classic monsters into action scripts. This began with 2017’s The Mummy, starring Tom Cruise.

Thankfully, that movie sank like a stone at the box office, leading Universal to eventually put the kibosh on the Dark Universe for good. Back in January, the studio announced that it would team with Blumhouse Productions to properly reboot its classic monsters.


The standalone Blumhouse reboots will begin with a new take on The Invisible Man, but so far, it’s been unclear how close the new film would be to the original. This mystery led to further confusion when Elizabeth Moss was cast, reportedly in the leading role.

Now, though, some new plot details look to clear things up. As reported by Bloody Disgusting, Blumhouse’s Invisible Man will be departing from the story of the original in a major way. It would appear that this Invisible Man is almost akin to a ghost movie.

Here’s the skinny: “The film follows Cecilia (Moss), who receives the news of her abusive ex-boyfriend’s suicide. She begins to re-build her life for the better. However, her sense of reality is put into question when she begins to suspect her deceased lover is not actually dead.”

Anyone who’s seen Universal’s classic 1933 Invisible Man knows that the above plot is quite far from James Whale’s tale of mad science. It would appear that this Invisible Man is going the route of personal drama, and I’m not yet sure how to feel about it.

The Invisible Man Disrobes

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