Blumhouse’s Firestarter Remake Lands New Director

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While Stephen King has always been a heavily adapted author – his first book, Carrie, was adapted to film just two years after its release – it seems like the last year or so has seen a drastic uptick in the amount of King-based projects coming to theaters and TV screens.

2017 alone saw the release of four movies based on King – The Dark Tower, IT, Gerald’s Game, and 1922 – and TV adaptations of The Mist and Mr. Mercedes. This summer will also see Hulu debut Castle Rock, an original show set within the King multiverse.

Last Spring, it was reported that prolific company Blumhouse Productions was set to bring a new adaptation of King’s Firestarter to theaters. The book was first adapted to film in 1984, and starred Drew Barrymore as pyrokinetic little girl Charlie McGee.

When the project was announced, Oscar-winning screenwriter Akiva Goldsman (I Am Legend, A Time to Kill) was set to direct the film. Now, THR reports that German filmmaker Fatih Akin (In the Fade) has taken over directorial duties on the remake.

Goldsman will remain onboard as a producer, but one wonders why he was shifted out of the top job, as he has experience with King material. Goldsman wrote The Dark Tower movie, and is now writing the script for Mike Flanagan’s Doctor Sleep adaptation.

Then again, The Dark Tower was a failure both critically and financially, so maybe that tells the story right there. Blumhouse’s Firestarter remake is still in the early stages, so a cast list and an official release date have yet to be revealed.

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