'Halloween' via Blumhouse

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It seems Blumhouse is as impatient as we are to see Michael Myers return for the new Halloween reboot. We just received several first-look images last night to quench the thirst of rabid fans. The studio then followed up this morning with a chilling teaser video clip for the upcoming trailer hitting the internet this Friday.

Now The Shape is blowing up Blumhouse’s Twitter page with yet another new image displaying Michael Myers in all his psychotic glory. The creepy Fall atmosphere is palpable, as an intimidating Myers is silhouetted by rim light with an eerie fog lingering in the air. I think this shot might be my favorite so far.

Check out the frightening new image below:

‘Halloween’ via Blumhouse

USA Today released the Halloween reboots plot details with the first-look images yesterday. Michael will be up to his old tricks, while a prepared Laurie Strode will be waiting with a few treats for him. It seems Myers escapes custody after a British documentary crew visits him, and he immediately seeks revenge on Laurie. Nick Castle, who played Myers in the original film, will return as The Shape, while Jamie Lee Curtis will reprise her role as Laurie Strode.

Halloween is set to release October 19, 2018. In the meantime, we’ll keep updating you on this highly anticipated horror sequel! Be sure to keep your eyes peeled on our news feed this Friday for us to post the trailer as soon as it hits!

What do you think of the new image of Michael Myers? Which one is your favorite that they’ve posted this week? Let us know in the comments!