'Unfriended' (2015) - Blumhouse Productions
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Looks like Blumhouse is hitting the refresh button on Unfriended with a brand new sequel. Deadline reported Jason Blum revealed to the SXSW crowd Friday night that Unfriended: Dark Web is on its way.

Here’s a description:

“A 20-something finds a cache of hidden files on his new laptop and is thrust into the deep waters of the dark web. From the makers of Unfriended, this thriller unravels in real-time, entirely on a computer screen. A warning for the digital age.”

The first film revolved around teens being terrorized by the vengeful ghost of their friend who committed suicide after being cyber bullied. The entire film took place via laptop screen, as you watched each teen being picked off one by one. The microbudget film was a box office success, while receiving mixed reviews from audiences.

The sequel has not received a release date yet. Are you looking forward to Unfriended: Dark Web? Tell us what you thought of the first film in the comments!