Blumhouse’s Project ‘The Invasion’ Will Invade the Home Invasion Genre

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2017 proved to be a commercially successful year from Blumhouse, and that’s an enormous understatement to say the least. The horror/thriller production company made waves with their releases of Get Out and Split, along with relatively comedic – but horror rooted – Happy Death Day.

But the hits keep coming, because the company is putting out Truth or Dare and will be premiering their sci-fi thriller Upgrade, as well as their mysterious, unknown title. It seems that there’s no shortage of anticipation or public optimism for Blumhouse.

Now, horror fans can also look forward to a home invasion movie from the production company – but a home invasion mixed with War of the Worlds or Signs!

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A script for a home invasion movie from John Swetnam (Into the Storm) and Harris Wilkinson (Leprechaun: Origins) had been circulating production companies only for a short amount of time before the script was auctioned off to the prodigal company, reports Deadline. The plot for The Invasion revolves around a home invasion that takes place during an alien invasion.

On further evaluation of Blumhouse’s script purchase, the site says The Invasionwraps a ticking clock sci-fi premise with themes that include immigration” with a “strong female role in the film“.

Jason Blum and Swetnam will be the film’s main producers, Ryan Turek will co-producer, and Wilkinson being the executive producer. While the film has no confirmed release date yet (as one would expect), production is speculated to start later this year – which is most likely due to how busy the next few months will be for Blumhouse.

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