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Blumhouse Productions recently announced on their Twitter page that The Purge franchise is getting a third instalment coming in 2016. The production company is behind such popular horror franchises as Sinister, Parnormal Activity and Insidious. Basically if you can think of a hugely popular horror movie or series of movies they probably had something to do with it. You have to admit, they are smart, all of these franchises would be big money draws on their own, I can’t imagine what kind of dollar they are raking in owning the rights to all of these million dollar series.

The Purge 2 AnarchyAlthough I haven’t seen The Purge: Anarchy, I have the Blu-ray of the first film and I really like it. I can’t say that I find it terrifying but it has an interesting vibe and some tense moments, on top of that it has a really unique basic premise as well as some quite strong acting. The idea itself is fantastic and can be explored in a number of ways, giving it a lot of mileage for future instalments.

The PurgeI would like in this one for them to explore the various different arguments about whether or not The Purge is a good thing a bit more. The snippets we got of this in the first film were really compelling but all too few in my opinion. I could have watched the various TV personalities and politicians argue about the morality and use of The Purge for a lot longer than the tiny amount of screen time it had. It seems we may get exactly that as on The Purge 3’s IMDB page the description says: “Centers around the very first purge to commence.” I am taking this with a pinch of salt at the moment as anyone can edit IMDB but if it is true that is a really interesting premise.

As Blumhouse Productions have announced that The Purge 3 is coming we should get casting and plot details in the coming months, I will keep you posted as the news hits.