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Blum Teases ‘Happy Death Day 3’ & ‘Invisible Man 2’ Projects

by Timothy Rawles
"Happy Death Day 2 U"

Playing with the looping space and time concept, Happy Death Day was a box office power hitter back in the fall of 2017. The sci-fi horror concept was again used in the critically tepid sequel and now Jason Blum reveals that it’s “unofficially” on its way to being a trilogy.

The producer/director was pressed by ET’s Ash Crossan about a possible second sequel to the movie.

“Let me tell you, I’m working overtime on it,” replied Blum. “Believe me. I’m trying.”

Writer Leigh Whannell was also a part of the interview via PC cam and both filmmakers discussed The Invisible Man and how it’s now a part of history because instead of finishing its full theatrical run it was sent to PVOD during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Crossan also asked about a sequel to that movie and both men bantered around the topic, but ended it with a sense one will be made, it just needs to be written.

Elisabeth Moss in "The Invisible Man."

Elisabeth Moss in Blumhouse’s “The Invisible Man.”

“I call Leigh everyday to ask where’s my [Invisible Man] sequel script,” joked Blum. “So far he hasn’t returned my phone calls. That doesn’t make me stop calling.”

“Jason wasn’t lying he does call me and says ‘what are we doing with the sequel?” Whannell confirmed. “And I’m like…I’m thinking about it. I am working on something else with Jason that I’m sworn to secrecy about until soon, I think.”

Blumhouse is always busy but the production machine had to chug to a stop after the coronavirus caused everyone to go into isolation.

Some projects such as The Craft and The Forever Purge are in post while titles such as Halloween Kills and the Kevin Bacon thriller You Should Have Left are in the can

See full interview HERE.

Source: Dread Central.

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