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Blue Underground Has Enormous 50% Off Spring Sale On Blu Ray and 4K Titles

by Trey Hilburn III

Blue Underground discs are some of the best around. William Lustig founded the company and has done an amazing job with his team on getting these discs to look beyond fantastic. Lustig’s own film Maniac is one of Blue Underground’s best films. From the special features to the quality of the picture these releases are mindblowingly great.Their recent run in the realm of 4K has taken that quality to a whole other level all together.

Well, now is the time to jump into some of their amazing releases. MVD Entertainment group is having a major 50% off sale on their Blue Underground releases. Some of theses titles are as low as seven dollars and are definitely worth a look. Namely, I have to recommend the big three. New York Ripper, Maniac and Zombi are all must haves on blu ray or 4K UHD. They are plain candy for the eyeballs.

Blue Underground also has a large back catalogue of releases that explores all sorts of exploitation pictures.

The Blue Underground sale goes from now until April 16 while supplies last. To grab your soon to be treasures head over to www.mvdsale.com. Sadly, this is only extended to US customers.

Which titles did you pick up? Let us know in the comments section.


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