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‘The Mortuary Collection’ Blu-Ray Is Stuffed To The Brim With Ghoulish Special Features

by Jacob Davison

The Mortuary Collection directed by Ryan Spindell is a delightfully deadly anthology that was released last year via the horror streaming service, Shudder. Starring Clancy Brown as a fiendishly friendly mortician named Montgomery Dark who regales tales of terror to Sam, played by Caitlin Custer, who wants a job at his mortuary. And as the movie’s tagline states, “Every corpse has a story.”

A particularly fun collection of horror stories, The Mortuary Collection was a stand-out streaming release of 2020 and I am happy to report that if you’re a fan, the blu-ray is absolutely jam-packed with scary informative features. Instead of the usual making-of featurette, it’s been split across 14 segments. Ranging from different focuses such as highlighting the background of the movie and director Ryan Spindell’s efforts to get it off the ground to interviews and spotlighting the actors on set and how they became involved, to even a behind the scenes look at The Mortuary Collection‘s initial kickstarter campaign. I particularly enjoyed the interview with members of Amalgamated Dynamics, Inc. the company behind the exemplarily practical FX of the movie. As well, there’s interview segments for sound, stunts, locations, props, and more! The cover of the blu-ray promises over 2 hours of special features and it more than delivers.

Aside from behind the scenes style extras, the disc also comes with a couple of deleted scenes hosted by Spindell. It’s only a few scenes in this section, but they do add some interesting dynamics to a few parts of the story in their own way. Spindell also does an excellent job curating this and the other special feature segments, providing context and an educational background on the making of the entire feature.

Back on Spindell, his director’s commentary was an entertaining listen. Mostly focusing on the technical and creative aspects of The Mortuary Collection it provides a fantastic breakdown of just how the whole gruesome affair came together and a fun look behind the curtain.

The blu-ray itself comes with a nice embossed slipcover, reversible cover, and a 30 day trial code for Shudder.

If you’re a fan of the movie itself or just fun horror anthologies, this is a home video release well worth digging up!

The Mortuary Collection is available on blu-ray/DVD on Tuesday, April 12th.

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