Written by Patti Pauley

Back in 2015, it was announced that another remake of the classic ’50s sci-fi horror The Blob was ready to consume the masses in all its gooey glory with Samuel L. Jackson set to star. Then… we heard nothing. It seemed the film laid dormant for a while and the time frame scheduled to shoot the film had come and gone. So in fairness, we all assumed The Blob remake had retreated back into the freezer.

Get ’em Shawnee!

the blob remake

Anyway, after two years of seemingly no news, producers and financers at Goldcrest Films finally gave an update on the project along with a teaser poster and an official synopsis!

“A terrifying reimagining of an enduring horror icon. Based on the 1958 sci-fi classic that starred Steve McQueen and has thrilled genre fans since. When a band of miners uncover something hidden deep beneath the earth they unwittingly unleash a hideous creature beyond imagination. Now the townsfolk must fightback, before it destroys everything.”

Simon West (When a Stranger Calls, Con-Air) is still on the docket to direct with producers Richard Saperstein, Brian Witten via the website. No mention of Samuel L. Jackson to star, however the Toronto Sun recently caught up with the Skull Island actor and Jackson revealed he’s up for fighting another giant monster.

“I’ve been preparing to use it my whole life. I’ve been running from or chasing King Kong, Godzilla the Wolfman, whatever, since I was a kid (in Chatanooga, Tenn.). We’d go home and pretend to do all that stuff.”

“So I’m doing Kong for the same reason I’ll probably be doing The Blob. I just got a call the other day (where the producers) said they finally got their money from China to do Blob.”


While there is no official dates for filming, nor a release date, it seems The Blob remake isn’t as dead as we all thought. With word of another remake of The Fly headed our way, maybe this will give the studios a little shove to get this project going.

Do you want to see another remake of The Blob? And more importantly, do you want to see Samuel L. Jackson call it a mother fucker? Because I would pay to see that. Twice. Let us know your thoughts and check out the official teaser poster below!

the blob remake teaser poster