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With Halloween just around the corner, you’ll probably need someone to give you a hand with holiday decorating, and as we all know Etsy is the perfect place to bone up on tips.

All bad puns aside, Creepy Candles is going to give you that “hand,” (well, one more) literally, with their line of custom waxworks which look realistic enough in their initial form, but get even more ghastly the longer you keep them lit.

What looks at first like a human hand is actually a layered candle that “bleeds” as it melts.

We suggest lighting all five fingers, leaving the middle one un-lit is just asking for trouble.

Once these grim candles burn through the layers of “flesh and blood,” what you’re left with is realistic looking metal skeletal structure. This final stage is not a candle so it may have to be put away for next year’s decorations, don’t use it as a household back scratcher.

These are custom orders through Creepy Candles so you may want to place an order now to get it in time for Halloween.

Or you could stock up and put one on your 5-year-old sister’s birthday cake, but if you do that please send us a video!

You can grab one for yourself or a few as gifts by clicking HERE. Each candle costs $35.

Source: Nerdist