Blair Witch Director Offering Cash Prize for Finding This Easter Egg Within Movie

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Written by John Squires

The found footage franchise that began way back in 1999 gets a direct sequel in the form of Adam Wingard’s Blair Witch, now playing in theaters across the country. Set 20 years after the events of the original, the new film centers on Heather’s brother’s quest to find out what really happened to his missing sister, and of course, his journey takes he and a group of friends into the very same woods that claimed her life.

When you go see it, pay VERY CLOSE attention.

As revealed by Fandango, director Adam Wingard hid an Easter egg within the movie that references a key prop from The Blair Witch Project, and if you’re the first to find it, he will happily send you a cash prize. Speaking with the site, Wingard and writer Simon Barrett noted that the missing map from the 1999 found footage flick is hidden somewhere within the new movie, and they’re pretty confident that you’ll have a hell of a time trying to find it.

If any of the viewers out there can spot the map from the first movie in our movie, I’ll give you $200,” said Wingard. “But you have to point it out. It’s in there. Nobody has ever pointed it out. Even our executives haven’t found it.”

I even told them the section it was in. So I’ll double it,” Barrett added. “You get $400 if you can find the map from The Blair Witch Project in our film.”

If you spot it, contact @AdamWingard or @Simon_Barrett on Twitter and claim your prize!

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