Here at iHorror, we don’t really talk about superheroes or comic book movies much, for obvious reasons. However, sometimes the world of comic book adaptations and horror intersect, such as with the iconic half-human/half-vampire hero Blade.

Nicknamed the “Daywalker,” Blade was played by Wesley Snipes in three feature films in 1998, 2002, and 2004. This was long before the MCU was a reliable source of billion dollar superhero movies, but the overall series was still quite successful.

Blade hasn’t starred in a film since 2004’s terrible Blade: Trinity, and has only appeared on TV in a pretty forgettable one-season show. It’s about time for Blade to make a come back, and as THR reports, he’ll soon do so as played by Mahershala Ali.

Wesley Snipes as Blade

The news of both a new Blade film being in the works and Ali’s casting as the character was revealed during Marvel Studios’ massive Hall H panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2019. Fans were shocked, as a new Blade project hadn’t even been rumored.

Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige said later on that it was actually Ali himself who asked for the role, a request Feige was only too happy to oblige. However, don’t expect to see the actual movie anytime soon, as it won’t be coming out until MCU Phase 5.