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Add Black Succulents to your Gothic Garden

by Piper St. James

Black succulents are the answer for those of us who lack a green thumb for growing roses, tulips, and hydrangeas. These beauties first began to gain popularity in late 2019 when they were offered by Target in their Halloween decor aisles. Once the first pictures hit the internet they were selling fast, and for $3 each who could say no?

These succulents are the perfect addition to your spooky home. Whether you are decorating year round or just for Halloween, black succulents are an essential staple for your dark aesthetic. They range in colors, from dark hunter green to dark violent, and fan favorite raven black, just like our Gothic little hearts.

Many have even joked they resemble the Demogorgon from Stranger Things.

The shapes range drastically, even though they all seem to stay pretty small which makes them perfect for those of us who live in apartments to maintain. You can even spruce up your work desk!  Not only do they top out around 6” high and 4” wide, these succulents require very little attention, which makes them very easy to take care of.

If you are worried about your succulent keeping skills, there are plants foods catering just to them. With only half a teaspoon of succulent food mixed in with two cups of water you can keep your dark little friend growing healthy and strong year round!  One brand is Succulent Plant Food, offered by Amazon for $12.25.

One of the more popular succulent breeds is the Black Prince, an appropriate name for such a beautiful plant.

Another variety is the Irish Rose, which can be either a dark purple or completely black.

Another fun aspect of owning one (or more) of these dark little gems is dressing them up in their new home. For $16.99 you can get three black skull planter pots at Amazon.com, perfect for your new black succulents!

For a more conservative look, perhaps at the office or a guest room, Amazon offers 3 cement planters arranged on an iron stand holder.  

These new additions to your life are so versatile and fun!  If you do own one, please share photos with us at iHorror!

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