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Black Mirror is one of those series that terrifies on entirely new levels. It isn’t the monster under the bed or the serial killer in the woods that you have to worry about. It’s the reality of what we are all doing to ourselves everyday as we further our ‘awesome’ technology.

Now that Charlie Brooker’s ‘Black Mirror’ has been adopted by Netflix, it looks to be let off its leash. The two-minute trailer has a lot in it to process. However, you can pick up bits of the direction they are heading with these six new episodes. This time they seem to be targeting social networking, gaming, the future of food development and other technology driven terrors.

The first seasons were originally aired on BBC and later found cult popularity on Netflix. Stories in the past have centered around bureaucratic morality in the form of having sex with a pig,¬†our cultures relationship with reality shows and the soulless void that awaits you when you become “famous,” among others.

Season 3 premiers on Netflix later this month.