It’s that marvelous time of year for turkey, family, and camping out at the mall for some sweet bargains on Black Friday! But what better way to enhance this annual shopping tradition that some have labeled dangerous by adding a bit of unholy horror while waiting in those long lines? In further promotion for the Blumhouse Tilt supernatural thriller INCARNATE, a brand new Snapchat geofilter is being released today. It will be surrounding over 3,700 mall locations from 11/23 – 11/29 for holiday shoppers and dealhunters and put the ‘maul’ back into ‘mall.’ Here is a preview of the filter which you can proudly display your discounted goods with!



As we’ve covered previously on INCARNATE, the story follows a scientist and exorcist played by Aaron Eckhart, who is able to jump inside the subconscious minds of the possessed in order to fight their demons from within and free them from their diabolical control. But at a great, personal risk. His current case proving to be his most dangerous yet when he discovers that this particular demon has powers he has never seen before, and is confronted by horrors from his past.

Below is the trailer, and INCARNATE will be hitting theaters next month on December 2nd. In the meantime, use the Snapchat Black Friday Mall Geofilter while shopping for big savings at little cost… except possibly your soul!