[EXCLUSIVE] Makers of ‘Bite’ Developing Their Next Project for TV

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Black Fawn Films is a strong force on the indie horror scene. With titles like Bite, Antisocial, The Drownsman, Let Her Out, The Heretics and Bed of the Dead, their resume is padded with films that branch out from the formulaic standard. On their newest project, The Cleaners, Black Fawn Films plans to bring their unique blood-spattered skills to the small screen.

You may know Black Fawn from their visceral hit, Bite, which was directed, written and produced by Chad Archibald. The film was a hit on the festival circuit. There was a lot of hype surrounding the fact that they actually had to call an ambulance for audience members during the premiere at Fantasia Film Fest. Two people fainted, one was vomiting, and another hit their head on the stairs, according to reports.

The Cleaners follows a crime scene cleaner who is set to the unruly task of cleaning up after Supernatural killings, “hiding the truth from the world that… monsters do exist”.

I’ve always wondered what it would be like for the poor schmucks who need to go in and clean up after Mulder and Scully are done their work. Here’s hoping we get to see more from this project, because I am definitely on board.

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I asked the Black Fawn Films team about The Cleaners, this is what they had to say:

“It’s exciting to envision the transition from features to TV. Black Fawn has admired the rise of story telling on television and its progression over the last few years but we held off until we found a concept that we were truly passionate about. The Cleaners is that concept. The entire team is beyond excited to tackle this story and bring these wild characters to life.” – Christopher Giroux, Producer


“We’ve wanted to do a genre TV show for so long but we also needed to find an idea that had longevity, unique characters and fit the wacky horror standard we’ve built for ourselves. It took a while to find an idea for a show that we would all love to watch and “The Cleaners” is it. So many people have come together to support us and this idea to help create what we think is an absolutely killer Proof of Concept. We’re honoured to be pitching this project with so many talented people backing it. It’s a dream for sure.” – Chad Archibald, Producer


“We’ve been working on TV ideas for a few years now while we shot the last few features. The Cleaners was an idea that always seemed to stick. I started writing the concept with Al Kratina and eventually the idea took real form. I’m so pumped to pitch this. It’s made by horror movie lovers for horror movie fans. We will tackle ALL horror genres within one show. It’s going to be terrifying, gory and at times even humorous. In the last few years we’ve created projects that I’m very proud of, but The Cleaners has a special place in my heart as, for the first time ever, they’ll be multiple directors on one single Black Fawn Films project.” – Cody Calahan, Producer


The chance to work on something where we follow a character over an entire season versus 80 minutes is very exciting to me, I’m looking forward to seeing the light, shadows and camera work evolve and change with the character. With all the choices audiences have out there things need to always look fresh; William F. Whites, Redlab and PanavisIon have all the toys allowing us to realize this vision. – Jeff Maher, Director of Photography

From the press release:

The award-winning Canadian horror film production company, Black Fawn Films, are set to showcase their TV series concept The Cleaners, created by Cody Calahan and Al Kratina, to networks at The Banff World Media Festival. The series is set to be produced by Chad Archibald, Cody Calahan and Christopher Giroux along with Jeff Maher as the Director of Photography.

For the first time ever, William F. White Int’l will allow a production company to take over their social media sites. Black Fawn Films will control the WFW Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube channel for 3 days.

Follow their journey as Black Fawn Films, will be posting live from Banff, as well as showcasing highlights from past collaborations with William F. White. The sites will feature behind the scenes, videos, photos and an exclusive sneak peek from the set of the new proof of concept for The Cleaners.

Along with William F White Int’l and Breakthrough Entertainment, Redlab Digital and Panavision have also come on board to support the project and the creation of a proof of concept, which will accompany their pitch package at the Banff World Media Festival.

If you have yet to see it, you can view a trailer for Bite below.

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