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Black Fawn Distribution Offers Free “Night of Digital Screams” Watch Party

by Kelly McNeely
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Have you exhausted your horror film catalogue this quarantine? Are you looking for something new to watch while you practice diligent social distance? Well grab some dang popcorn and get ready for a night of horror delights, because Black Fawn Distribution has announced a trio of film initiatives. In support of this year’s National Canadian Film Day, the fine folks at Black Fawn will be hosting a free “Night of Digital Screams” – a live, drive-in style, triple bill being broadcast on TWITCH this Wednesday, April 22, 2020 starting at 8:00 PM (EST). You can’t argue with free horror movies!

The event will feature a free on-line broadcast of the films I’ll Take Your Dead, Let Her Out, and Bed of the Dead while also including some special guest drop-ins and production stories being told in between the films.

For collectors of physical media — or those who might only have limited access to the internet — Black Fawn Distribution is also discounting all of their film titles in the company’s on-line store by 50% starting this Wednesday, April 22. The store-wide sale includes the company’s most recent releases Harpoon, I’ll Take Your Dead and The Ranger with the sale being listed as open ended. In addition, Black Fawn Distribution is currently offering all of their VOD rentals via their VOD website as 7-day rentals for only $2 each for the duration of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We’re so proud of our fellow Canadians for doing the right thing and staying inside right now, that we felt that putting together a few initiatives would help everyone out,” states Black Fawn Distribution’s Operations Manager C.F. Benner. “Films are currently being consumed at record levels and it was important to us to have our Canadian titles available to everyone, regardless of where they live or their financial situation. The TWITCH broadcast especially gives film fans a bit of a break while also allowing them to still support Canadian-made horror.”

Black Fawn Distribution is considered to be one of Canada’s premiere outlets for horror films and routinely releases titles made by up-and-coming Canadian directors. Some of their previous releases include Bite, In the House of Flies, Discopath and The Heretics while more releases are scheduled to be released digitally in the near future.

“As the world sits in self-isolation, Black Fawn Distribution wanted to bring some Canadian horror to Canadian horror fans across the country with this special TWITCH broadcast,” explains the company’s Marketing Manager Christopher Giroux. “The TWITCH platform allows us to screen films for our fans while also bringing in some special guests throughout the broadcast. We just want to do our part to bring National Canadian Film Day to everyone at home.”

So if you’re down to watch some free horror (why would you not be??), join in on Wednesday for this spooky special event!Free Horror

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