‘Black Christmas’ is More Reimagining Than Remake Says Director

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Ahead of the release of this year’s Black Christmas, director Sophia Takal sat down with EW to talk about the film. And she has a lot to say.

Takal feels that the movie is much more along the lines of a reimagining as opposed to a shot for shot remake, while still retaining the spirit of the original Black Christmas.

She says:

I’ve actually had a wonderful experience making this movie despite how crazy and rushed it’s been. We had an incredible crew down there, and the actors were all committed and so on board with what we were trying to explore. You know, this movie, even though it’s very, very loosely based on Black Christmas, I’d say the plot is extremely different. It’s more inspired by the feeling that Black Christmas made me feel watching it, this idea of misogyny always being out there and never totally eradicable. So that was the jumping-off point for how I came up with this plot. I’d compare it more to how Luca Guadagnino remade Suspiria than to a straight-ahead remake.

Black Christmas is very much inspired by the #MeToo movement, and is “fiercely feminist”, according to the director. She elaborates:

I feel like another part of why I kind of shifted the direction that this version took was because, in 2019, I didn’t just want to make a movie about a bunch of women getting slaughtered. It just gave me a pit in my stomach. This is not to say that a man might want to see that. I just think I felt very much a responsibility not to perpetuate this idea of disposable female characters, because of how it makes me feel when I watch that. I call this movie a fiercely feminist film, so I don’t mind being asked about that at all.

The film opens December 13th, just two weeks away. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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