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Bill Moseley Playing Immortal Killer Clown in Crepitus

by John Squires

Written by John Squires

Next year, the king of all scary clowns returns when Mama director Andy Muschietti unleashes his own adaptation of Stephen King’s IT, but the new Pennywise isn’t the only killer clown who will soon be haunting your nightmares. Because horror icon Bill Moseley, taking a page out of his House of 1000 Corpses/Devil’s Rejects co-star’s playbook, is set to play an immortal child-eating clown in the upcoming horror flick Crepitus!

Successfully funded on Indiegogo back in April, Crepitus will be directed by Haynze Whitmore, and filming is set to begin in early 2017. The fund, which surpassed its $5,000 goal, allowed the producers to cast Bill Moseley in the title role of Crepitus, described as “an ancient immortal creature whose immortality is dependent on his consumption of children.” The campaign page also noted that, “every single bone in his body pops and cracks as he moves.”

In Crepitus

Seventeen year old Elizabeth and her younger brother, Julian are thrust into circumstances more terrifying than life with their abusive, drunken mother when they are forced to move into their deceased Grandfather’s house. Frightened beyond belief, they are forced to learn horrible things about their family history. Never mind the ghosts in the house, there is something far worse that takes an interest in them … a cannibalistic clown named Crepitus.


Crepitus even has his own nursery rhyme…

A crunch, a munch, a jingle
He’ll make your spine a-tingle.
It’s your fingers he wants to eat
That clown says they’re tender and sweet.
And when you’re ten, he comes
again, for the remaining bits of your meat.
The moon will be bright, and if you
catch a sight his crooked ol’ Crepitus pout,
Then you better run fast cuz he’ll
snatch your ass and EAT ALL YOUR

Check out a sneak preview below!


crepitus poster

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